TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Matthew 1:1-17

BOTTOM LINE:  God had a Plan!  It was Promised through David, and it now includes YOU!

QUESTION: Are YOU included in the Royal Family Tree of Jesus?



It’s often difficult to even see JESUS sometimes in the CHRISTmas season isn’t it?  With all the Stuff … all the Parties … all the Stress at times trying to get everything done … house decorated … work done so we can go on vacation … final exams for the kiddos … Pressure to purchase all these Gifts that honestly, we just simply can’t really afford right now … you name it, it’s challenging at times.

THEN … many times when we do discover JESUS in this Season … many times our Lens is only to see Jesus as this little Baby in a Manger.

I’m Praying  that as we walk this Journey together, a time when our entire world is more open to talking about Jesus than perhaps any other time of year, that we not only see this little Baby in a Manger, but we can discover so much more.  Jesus truly is our King … He’s our Savior … and our experience of not just the Baby literally changes our life!


God kicks off the New Testament, passing along these genealogies to us.  I think it’s so important as we see how God cared enough to not only list these folks, but literally their names are the fulfillment of some Stories & Prophecies that were told a LONG, LONG time ago!




The God we have in Scripture is a God who made all kinds of Promises, and He was faithful to keep every single one of them!

The OT is full of Promises that God made to His Chosen people … and of ALL of those, 2 of them really stand out … The Abrahamic Covenant that we looked at last week … and the Davidic Covenant we’re going to explore this week.

By saying that Jesus is the son of DavidMatthew is saying that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s Covenant and Promise to David … JESUS is the one whose throne is established forevermore … He is the seed of David that God would raise up and establish His Kingdom!


Many times … when we look at this list of names … we’re often reminded this probably wouldn’t be the List of people we might have chosen!

God makes this incredible Covenant w/ this young King … which just bears evidence of the incredible Goodness & Mercy of God … doesn’t it?

God’s Glory shines bright through this motley line-up of PEOPLE … PEOPLE who probably weren’t Qualified to be in the Human Lineage of the Son of God.


This isn’t say that there were 42 total generations between Abraham & Jesus. Matthew did what was completely common in Jewish genealogies of the day … he left some out.

God had a Plan!

  • He had a Plan of Mercy
  • He had a Plan of Grace

God Providentially preserved His Plan during the times from Abraham to David.  He Providentially preserved His Plan during the times from David to Exile.

And … He Providentially preserved His Plan during the times from Exile to the birth of the Messiah … god’s Ruler … the King of All Kings … JESUS!

But God inspires Matthew to write it this way to make a point … God wanted to point out how the amazing hand of God worked though history to Plan His Ruler!

  1. God planned a Ruler through PROMISE.
  2. God planned a Ruler through PEOPLE.
  3. God planned a Ruler through PROVIDENCE.


The question is … what will WE DO w/ JESUS?