TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Micah 5:1-5; Matthew 2

BOTTOM LINE:  God told us YEARS before Jesus that The Messiah would be Born in Bethlehem.

QUESTION: Why Do You Think Jesus was Born in Bethlehem of all the places in the world at the time?



When I think about the Story of CHRISTmas, it’s a story that God had been promising CHRISTmas since the very 1st Letter of the Bible when Adam & Eve gave into the temptation of their flesh in the Garden.

I’ve often wondered how many conversations took place, where someone was trying to share God’s Promise and God’s Story that He was indeed going to send a King … a Savior … this Promised Messiah.

And I wonder how many times someone was sharing that w/ someone, and they were like Yeah, Yeah, Yeah … whatever!

Jesus was born in BETHLEHEM, a town name translated as The House of Common Bread.  One of the many beliefs from theologians for a long, long time is that part of this reason was to allow JESUS to identify w/ the Common Person!

JESUS wasn’t born in any of the logical spots like Jerusalem … or Rome … or Athens or Alexandria … or in any of the Political, Commercial, Cultural, Educational, or Socially significant places we might expect.

Have we ever wondered why BETHLEHEM, and not any of the other possibilities in that time?

BETHLEHEM is the home of Joseph & Mary’s ancestors;  it’s the City of David; we know all that … but it was even more than that.

Just like the Shepherds who received the 1st CHRISTmas greeting from the Angels, let their reply be our reply too.

BETHLEHEM … The House of Bread.   BREAD even today … but especially in their day … was one of life’s most common things!

God wanted JESUS … His Son … to be available to EVERYONE!!!



BREAD is a GOOD COMPARISON to JESUS … because He satisfiesHe gratifies … and He strengthens us Spiritually … just as BREAD does physically.

It’s easy to get caught up searching for the Meaning of Life in all the wrong places … because there’s a lot of things that bring is Earthly & Temporary happiness!

BUT … only JESUS can satisfy the eternal dimensions of our Soul!

GOD as our FATHER … JESUS as our Source of REDEMPTION … and the HOLY SPIRIT to help walk w/ us in our daily lives … together are God’s continual SOURCE of Spiritual Provision in our lives!

CHRIST was born in BETHLEHEMThe House of Bread … and He’s knocking on the door to our Lives … and He will come in if we will let Him.

Will we OPEN?