TEACHER:  Ken Hicks


BOTTOM LINE:  The Goodness of God in our life is better than Life itself … and His Goodness goes deeper than the Pain of Life … and is more Abiding than the Pleasures of Life.

QUESTION:  Why Do Bad Things & Suffering Happen to Godly People?



The start of 2020, we kicked off the year with this New Series called Come Back to Me.

And if we believe that God created the Heaven’s & the Earth,  we go all the way back to the 1st Letter in God’s Word [the Letter of Genesis] … that’s where we see God telling us that HE is the creator of ALL THINGS.

And from the time Adam & Eve entered the Garden … all the way until Today … there’s been this tension between doing things Our Way  vs. doing things God’s WayAdam & Eve wrestled w/ it, and the result of their wrestling match brought Sin into the World.  From that moment on, we’ve been in a Tug-a-War.

Over and over in the Prophetic Letters, we see God pleading w/ His People, who have chosen to do things Their Way.   Resulting in them drifting away from God and God’s Plan, and God sends these Prophets to share a message w/ them … pleading w/ them to Come Back to Him.

Habakkuk contains some questions in it that my guess is … many of us have wrestled w/ these questions like:

  1. How am I going to make it through this season?
  2. God, Where are You?  I thought You Loved Me?
  3. God … How is this FAIR?


ONE:  Habakkuk Expresses His STRUGGLE. 

TWO:  God’s ANSWER! 

THREE:  Life-Giving HOPE. 

  1. We’re Not Innocent People Suffering.
  2. God is Not Short on Power.
  3. God has Not Given Up On US.



What we can learn about this Life-Giving HOPE from Habakkuk’s Words here?

  1. HOPE Can Exist Alongside of GRIEF.
  2. HOPE is a CHOICE!
  4. The HEIGHTS of HOPE Come from the DEPTHS of FAITH!
  5. HOPE in the Future Leads to PRAYER in the Present!


And I read that … and hear that … and think to myself … Shouldn’t WE Be Doing That?

When I see God’s Goodness expressed at the cross … not only do I have the Faith to endure under Trial … I yearn to see that Goodness break out in our Generation too!  I want to see God do incredible Miracles in our midst …

  • … in the lives of our friends …
  • … in the lives of my children …
  • … in the Church …
  • … in our City …