TEACHER:  Ken Hicks


BOTTOM LINE:Live according to God’s Word or the doom of Edom may be your Destruction as Well!





To tell you a little of Obadiah’s story … most Theologians believe he was given the Gift of Prophecy after hiding 100Prophets from the persecution of Jezebel, King Ahab’s wife … which we find that story in 1 Kings 18 … and he hid them in 2 different caves, so that if Jezebel happened to have found them in 1 cave, the others could escape.  But this was a pretty big Soap Opera, because Obadiah was actually King Ahab’s steward.

It’s most believed that Obadiah was writing either mid-8th Century B.C.  or …  mid-5th Century B.C. … as he referred to an Attack on Jerusalem.

The Word of Condemnation:

Obadiah brings a Word from the Lord  here … against the nation of Edom, condemning them for just standing around and doing NOTHING … while Israel gets conquered again … and again … and again.

And what’s interesting is that we wonder, Why would God Condemn Edom for this?  And not any other Nation?  What makes Edom so different than Moab … Assyria … etc???




Edom was so concerned w/ the Hatred they had against Israel … that they forgot they were Brothers!

And if we’re not careful … this might be one that honestly … we don’t want to ask God Ok God, What Can We Learn from this Word?

Because honestly … we might be scared of the Answer!

I mean we initially go … well ok Ken, we want record people fighting … but I think it’s deeper than that isn’t it?

Israel was hurting … and their Spiritual Family did NOTHING to help them … and we’re like Shame On You! … until we realize that the entire world is Hurting even as we speak!