Community Groups


Community is essential in the life of God’s Church. YES, we can read the Bible, Pray, participate in Communion, Sing, etc… completely on our own.
BUT, we cannot be a part of His Body and His Church in isolation. In fact, if you think about it, our lives are full of Relationships, so much so, that many of us may not have room for someone else. As the church, we are called to be committed to one another by:

  • Connecting with God’s Word together to find personal accountability and encouragement.
  • Engaging in life-giving relationships with others seeking to live like Jesus

Community Group Cards (PDF)

Click here to download the Community Group Cards. (Fellowship, Vision, Worship, Core Word, and Discussion)


Life is better in Circles than Rows!
You are welcome to participate in-person or online whichever you prefer.

General Community Groups

Monday Evening

Come enjoy the group everyone is talking about. Led by the fabulous Terry and Candy Cleveland, this group is one-of-a-kind. Connect here to make some new friends and enjoy some great fellowship together.
Leaders: Terry & Candy Cleveland
Meets: Monday evenings @ 6:00pm

Wednesday Evening

Baylor Bears. Basketball stories. Grilling Adventures.  These are some of the things you will hear as you jump into this growing group led by Pastor Ken Hicks and his wife Rita.  Connect with this group to grow in your faith and love for Jesus.

Leaders: Ken & Rita Hicks
Meets: Wednesday Evenings @ 6:00pm

Thursday Evening

Are you looking for a great place to make friends and connect with others? This is the group for you. Led by the fantastic Dylan & Abby Nealous, this group is known for good food and genuine relationships.  Bring your kids and jump in here this week.

Leaders: Dylan & Abby Nealous
Meets: Thursday Evenings @6:00pm



Tuesday Mornings

Come one, Come all to this unique ladies group for all ages.  Experience the winsome and insightful leadership of Sherry Hicks as you explore God’s Word together.  Get in on this amazing group.  You will be glad you did.

Leader: Sherry Hicks
Meets: Tuesday Mornings @ 11:30am

Thursday Mornings

Do you want to be encouraged in your life and faith? Come enjoy this ladies group as they participate in Community Bible Study. Enjoy the joyful leadership of Hallie Ramirez as you make new friends and pursue life in Jesus together.

Leader: Hallie Ramirez
Meets: Thursday Mornings @ 9:30am


6th-12th graders & families)

Sunday Evenings

Let’s face it, the teenage years are challenging.  No one should walk alone.  This unique group invites all teenagers and their families to connect and seek Jesus together. Join us as we walk into God’s Word each week to simply grow in our faith, become more like Christ and let him impact our daily life, our marriage and our family.

Leaders: Kevin & Lisa Walls
Meets: Sunday Evenings at 6:30pm



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