The Vision of HCC is Connecting people to Christ; Committed to Community; and a Catalyst for Compassion.  Community is essential in the life of God’s Church.  YES, we can read the Bible, Pray, participate in Communion, Sing, etc… completely on our own.  BUT, we cannot be a part of His Body and His Church in isolation.  In fact, if you think about it, our lives are full of Relationships, so much so, that many of us may not have room for someone else.  That’s why in our Vision we use the words committed to community.  We recognize it will take time, effort, energy and intentionality to cultivate relationships where we can do 2 things:

  1. Discover life In-Christ together thru God’s Grace, Truth, Love and His Word, as we experience Abundant Life.
  2. Engage intentionally w/ those who have yet experienced life In-Christ.

Living the Abundant Life In-Christ will lead us to be Disciples who overflow into Disciples, and we need one another to navigate the daily journey together.

We engage together in CONNECTION Groups in a couple of different ways as part of this journey:

  1.  On-going CONNECTION Groups – peopel who gather together in homes, churches, coffee shops, etc.. to CONNECT w/ God & One Another together thru intentionally engaging in God’s Word together.  Many of these will walk thru specific books of the Bible or Bible Studies together as the foundation for their time together.  Check out the “Events” page to see a calendar of groups that are currently meeting.  You can click on a particular group to discover additional information (time, day, what they are studying, etc…) as well as contact information.
  2. Missional Groups – some might call them Development & Deployment Groups.  These are short-term gatherings that share strategic & intentional truths and information together, to help develop our journey In-Christ and then deploy us back into areas of daily living more intentionally.  2 Areas of Focus in 2016 are Marriages & Marketplace (M&M;s).  Check out the calendar for the next Marriage Missional Group or Marketplace Workshop and Missional Communities.

Heights Community Church

Heights Community Church
6435 N. New Braunfels Ave.,
San Antonio, TX  78209

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