TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Philippians 4:11-13

BOTTOM LINE:  The Thanksgiving Secret:  Contentment

QUESTION:   How did the Early Church cultivate such a grateful heart, spirit and ministry together?



Thanksgiving and Contentment are virtually inseparable, and what I hope we can see and hear me say this morning is that it is possible to be Content.   It is possible to overflow from a Heart of Gratitude, even in the midst of really, difficult, hard times.

So let’s take a walk this morning w/ the Apostle Paul … to a house somewhere on the winding streets of Ancient Romewhere Paul is being held under House Arrest… awaiting trial for being a trouble maker.

Outside, the door stands a Roman solder, guarding the house, but chances are he would let you in without any trouble for a visit.

Inside, you can hear a voice speaking and the scratch of a quill busy putting ink to paper.  Paul is dictating a letter to the Church at Philippi … and if we listen early on in his letter, we’ll hear some really powerful nuggets of what Paul was sharing too.

  1. LEARN to be CONTENT!
  2. LEARN to be CONTENT no matter WHAT is Put On Our Plate!
  3. LEARN to be CONTENT no matter WHAT is Put On Our Plate … because CHRIST is ENOUGH!



Jesus is enough.  If we have exchanged our Lives w/ the Life, Death & Resurrection of Jesus, we have the Power of Love behind us.  We have a God who hears us, and we have the Holy Spirit within us!

When God sent Jesus to earth, Jesus became a bridge of forgiveness in our life so that we might be restored into a righteous relationship w/ God.  He became the provision of Jesus is what made a way for you and I to be Forgiven, to experience Grace for our Flesh.

And amidst all of that,  Jesus is enough.  Enough for Forgiveness … enough for Grace … and enough to Learn to be Content in whatever is on our Plate.