TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Exodus 10-12





What does GRACE mean?  The SIMPLE DEFINITION I often land w/ personally is … Not Getting what I Deserve.

Understanding God’s GRACE for us so challenging, because most of us wouldn’t allow our Perfect Only Child … to be brutally executed … so that a bunch of other people didn’t have to get what they deserved.

Especially knowing even when they did say THANK YOU, they would still have moments where they completely ignored ALL you gave for them.  And, MANY would never even choose to be GRATEFUL at all.

How in the world was God foreshadowing the story of His GRACE in our lives through the PLAGUES and the story of MOSES?

If you don’t know the story here … the 1st 9 PLAGUES help us again as we read them … and study them … to be reminded that God is ALWAYS Speaking … and we need to always be listening!

Sometimes He’s speaking to US … sometimes He’s speaking to people AROUND US … but He’s speaking … and God said He was going to set His People FREE … and God ALWAYS keeps His Promises!

  • 1st Plague – He turned the NILE RIVER into BLOOD
  • 2nd Plague – He filled the Land w/ FROGS
  • 3rd Plague – He sent swarms of GNATS
  • 4th Plague – FLIES swarmed all over the People
  • 5th Plague – DISEASE struck the Livestock
  • 6th Plague – The PEOPLE broke out in BOILS
  • 7th Plague – The WORST STORM ever in Egypt – Hail, Thunder, it was crazy
  • 8th Plague – so many LOCUSTS that the sky looked BLACK
  • 9th Plague – DARKNESS for 3 days …

In ALL of these PLAGUES … God gave the people opportunity to LISTEN to Him … to TRUST & to BELIEVE in Him … and AFTER the PLAGUE of Darkness … Pharaoh had these harsh words for MOSES.

God gave them MANY opportunities to LISTEN … and NOW … now He’s gonna send the most dreadful PLAGUE of all.

For 400 years … the Israelites had been slaves in Egypt … they worked hard daily, and yet were not Paid!   God told them to go to their Egyptian neighbors and ask them for anything that was made from Silver or Gold … The Bible says the Egyptian people were happy to give their things away because God caused the Egyptians to like the Israelites … they had great respect for MOSES.

And before MOSES leaves Pharaoh … MOSES gives him 1 Final Warning.



TRUTH IS … Sin always has a way of Spoiling things … because Pharaoh and the people of Egypt did not listen to God … they were going to suffer Terribly!

REMEMBER:  God had given them MANY, MANY chances to put their TRUST In-Him … but they refused!  CRAZY THING IS … God loves us enough to respect our right to make choices … Their choice to disobey God was going to have terrible consequences …

God is “JUST” … we see that all throughout Scripture.  The dictionary defines JUST as guided by Truth; Based on what is Right & Deserved.

God had been gracious w/ Pharaoh … He had given him many opportunities to allow the Israelites to go … but Pharaoh refused every single time … God said that He would JUDGE the Egyptians … and He did just that!

We see US in the Egyptians don’t we?

How many times does God tell us … and tell us … and tell us … and honestly, we just struggle to listen?  We’re in this wrestling match w/ our Flesh … and sometimes our Flesh wins doesn’t it?

And ultimately … just like the Egyptians … because of the SIN in our lives … because of those moments where we fall short of God’s Glory and God’s Plan and God’s Will in our lives … it’s our Flesh that separates from a Perfect God.

And just like the Bank Robbers standing before the JUDGE … the Bible tells us the Penalty for Sin is DEATH!

That’s what the Egyptians deserved … and that’s what WE deserve …

BUT THEN … God’s GRACE shows itself … and the Blood of a perfect, spotless Lamb had to be shed to pay the Price … JESUS … was our Perfect, Spotless Lamb … He gave His Body and His Blood for us.