TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 1 Samuel 10-16

BOTTOM LINE:   God uses people who have a heart that trusts in Him.

QUESTION:   What’s Keeping Us From Trusting God?



We can’t tell if someone is GOOD or BAD based on what they look like can we?  Only what’s in a person’s heart tells us what they are really like.

Think back a couple weeks ago … when God called ABRAHAM … and told him to leave his Homeland and go to the Land He would show them … God told ABRAHAM He would make Him a great nation … and that Nation became the nation of ISRAEL … and the people became known as The Israelites.  Later, they would become known as The Hebrews or The Jews.  Any time we see any of those, they are all referring to the same group of people … and the Israelites trusted in the 1 True God to be their Leader.


  1. We Often DESIRE What We DON’T NEED.



Here’s what’s interesting … why do we Live in this Constant Tension between doing things OUR WAY and doing things GOD’S WAY?

Why the struggle?

DAVID is clearly not who WE would have picked!  Heck … it wasn’t who Samuel or Jesse were thinking either!

But that’s the GRACE of God … He doesn’t look at the OUTSIDE … aren’t we thankful?  He looks at our HEART!

We live in this Struggle.  We know God has given us His Word; and His Commands; and His Promises; and we’ve walked in those and seen God do UH-MAZING things, Just like Saul … and then all of a sudden:

  • … something just seems like too BIG of an ask? God, you want me to Do What?  You want me to GIVE What?  You want me to MOVE where?  You want me to take WHAT JOB?  You name it …
  • … something has too great a cost.
    • If I’m a person of integrity here … it will most likely cost me my job!
    • It might cost me a Friendship or Relationship
    • If I GIVE in this time of NEED for me too, then will I have enough for Me later? Even though I know you’re telling me to Give … it’s still hard!

We’re not alone … SAUL was made King 1st … and he was right there in line w/ God … and then wandered His Own Way.

King Davida man after God’s Own Heart … named King … granted incredible GRACE of God to even learn about being King long before he would ascend to the Throne … and yet we know he was so far from Perfect:

  • Committed Adultery
  • Had his good friend murdered
  • Had his own wrestling match w/ God


Our STORY at times can look just like David too!  Truth is,  if I were picking Teams … I’m not even sure I’d pick ME to be on it!

But that’s God isn’t it?  He picks people like YOU and like ME to be on Team Jesus … that no one else would Pick!

He’s counting on YOU and He’s counting on ME … now more than EVER … to be in tune w/ His Voice … to walk in complete TRUST … to be His Hands and Feet of LOVE … to walk in FAITH and not FEAR … and you guys … if we can do that … can you imagine the difference this entire set of circumstances could make for growing the Kingdom of God?

Seriously … can you imagine?

We have TIME now that we have not had … maybe EVER in some cases:

  • Time to Read w/ our kids … why not read God’s Word.


  • Time to LOVE our Neighbor … what would it look like to LOVE 8 Neighbors? The neighbor to your LEFT & RIGHT … those across the street from you in those same 3 homes … and those behind you in those same 3 homes … 8 total HOMES … Just go knock on the door and Check on Them.
    • Do you need anything?
    • Anything we can do for you?
    • Here’s our phone number and names and address – if you need anything, don’t hesitate to give us a call.
    • Can I pray for you?


  • Time to Pause and Reflect w/ Jesus! No Sports to watch; no practices to get the kids too; all the extra-curricular stuff is cancelled … Use the time to REST w/ Jesus each day.  Take out a Journal and write some thoughts about what God is teaching you … what He’s speaking to you.  Maybe even use a T-chart … to write down some of the Lies that Satan and the World are telling us … like all the FEAR … and then on the other side … the Truth that we see in that passage of God’s Word.


God chose US … He’s counting on US … the world is counting on US … and God’s GRACE in our life is sufficient for all those spaces where we’ve fallen short … we won’t be PERFECT … but let’s not let Satan cause us to be IDLE either!