TEACHER:  Ken Hicks


BOTTOM LINE:  The Difference It Makes When We Grasp the Unfathomable Grace of God in our Life.

QUESTION:  Did You Know:  You Are Jezreel, Lo-Aruhmah & Lo-Ammi?



Hosea is a profoundly heart-impacting Letter … and there’s so many Truth’s that the Letter paints … but none of them might be more transformational for our heart than the unveiling of the UnImaginable Grace of God!

It’s a Letter that Comforts the Afflicted … and at the same time … most certainly Afflicts the Comfortable

God’s Grace is easier to understand as we view it through the Lens of God’s Faithfulness to keep His Covenants & Promises … but I also think one of the ways God allowed our Human Minds to have at least a reference point of what the Grace of God is like … God also uses another relationship that is based on a covenant … The Marriage Relationship.

What Key Truths Does this Letter of Hosea paint for US that we might more Fully Be Able to Experience the GRACE of GOD?

ONE:  The Truth About JEZREEL.

TWO:  The Truth About Lo-Ruhamah.

THREE:  The Truth About Lo-Ammi.



We would Miss Out on the Grand … Real-Life Expectation of God’s GRACE if we skipped Hosea 3 … where Hosea displays such incredible GRACE to his Wife.

Gomer had done the very worst things possible to destroy the Marriage Covenant … and even though Scripture tells us God hates Divorce … the NT actually outlines 2 exception clauses for divorce, and Gomer was guilty of BOTH of them.

And in spite of that … Hosea literally BUYS HER BACK!   God led Hosea to restoration … again symbolizing His deep desire for His Covenant w/ His People Israel too.

In our Marriage, we live hour by hour in dependence on God’s Forgiveness & Justification and Promise of future Grace.  We overflow that hour by hour towards our Spouse as an extension of God’s Forgiveness and Promised of Grace for us too.

And WHEN we can do this … when WE are so impacted ourselves by the GRACE of God that we can translate that Vertical Grace we have received from God to a Horizontal Grace directed towards our Spouse … the result is that our Marriage SINGS!!!!!

It took EVERYTHING Hosea had to buy her back … Silver … Barley … he scraped everything he had together!  But he desired to be restored w/ his Bride.  What a Powerful Picture of God’s GRACE.