Family Ministry

Let me be the first to WELCOME your family to Heights Community Church Kids CONNECTION!  Our goal for family ministry is no different than Jesus’ words in Mark 12: Love God; Love others. We hope each family that comes through our doors hears that in words and feels that in practice.

Family ministry @ HCC is built on a foundation where Mom & Dad are the Lead Dsicipler in their child’s life.  The Church runs alongisde Mom & Dad to fuel faith in the next generation. In order to have a greater spiritual impact on kids lives, and we are honored to partner with you to combine our influences. Most of all, helping you as parents win at home!


Abby Nealous

Family Pastor, Heights Community Church

The SUNDAY Experience
As your family joins us for CELEBRATION, we hope it is the best hour in your child’s week! Each of our Kids CONNECTION environments are designed to be a safe, fun, experiential place for kids to learn more about God. Through engaging activities, dynamic Bible stories and energizing worship, they will discover three basic truths:

– God made me

– God loves me

– Jesus wants to be my friend forever.

From our youngest children in the nursery (Kids CONNECTION 1) on up to our oldest children (Kids CONNECTION 5), we are also striving to build a foundation of prayer for your child. Our Godly men and women serving in our Kids CONNECTION classes are encouraged to “pray without ceasing” for the Lord’s work in the hearts of these little ones.

Every month, we equip you with easy to use tools that help you create spiritual rhythms in your home and take advantage of the moments already in your day. It includes ideas and activities to reinforce the Bible lessons taught on Sundays.


What Class is my child(ren) in?  

  • KC1 – birth thru 1 year old
  • KC 2 – 2-3 year olds
  • KC 3 – 3-4 year olds
  • KC 4 – Kinder – 2nd grade
  • KC 5 – 3rd – 5th grade

How do we check in?  Great question!  Joining us for the 1st time, we’ll ask you to complete a quick set of questions w/ us online, so we can get your family added to the database as a visitor.  We’ll then be able to print your stickers for your child(ren) and for you to use at pick-up.  Any time you join us following, you’ll simply enter your name and check the children into their environments.

What You Can Expect:

  1. Safe & Secure environment, w/ check-in and check-out for your children.
  2. Biblical teaching; CELEBRATION in praise; and CONNECTION w/ other children & families in the life of HCC.
  3. Staff/Leadership/& Volunteers who are in love w/ Jesus; praying for/with your children; and who LOVE children!
  4. Monthly Parent Handout to build a “Rhythm” in the life of your child that coordinates w/ what the children are learning at Kids CONNECTION.

Who Do I contact for questions?  Abby Nealous is our Family Ministry Director and you can contact her at

Parent / Child Dedication
At HCC, we join w/ parents to CELEBRATE as they dedicate themselves and their homes to raising children in the Grace of Jesus. Contact Abby at to find out when the next Parent/Child Dedication is scheduled (1st Sunday in March and 2nd Sunday in October). In addition, you will receive a packet w/ some audio files to listen together; questions to answer together; and then we’ll follow that up w/ a dinner together w/ all families and a panel of “veteran parents” for you to bounce questions, concerns, and ideas around.

Once the materials have been completed together, we’ll gather together at CELEBRATION, and share in a time of prayer together w/ our entire HCC community, pouring our hearts out for God’s Grace and Direction for you and your children, and then share in celebration and fellowship together.

Baptism – every environment @HCC is intentionally sharing the love, grace and mercy of Jesus each week. Parents are using all kinds of resources to share that same love, grace and mercy at home, and we love to CELEBRATE together when children decide to walk in God’s Grace and begin their journey w/ Him. One of the natural steps of obedience is to follow Christ in Baptism, and we would love to share in that CELEBRATION w/ you. Contact us at for the next scheduled Baptism.

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