TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:  Galatians 4:21-31

BOTTOM LINE:  If we are a Christian, there will be a constant tension between our Trusting in God and Trusting in Us.  What are some challenges of Our Way and what are some consequences of Our Way?

QUESTION:  Do we TRUST in God more than we TRUST in Us?  No Really?  Do We?

VIDEO:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohTDrxAViTM 

DOWNLOAD:  Have you ever participated in a TRUST FALL?  If you have, you know the hesitency at that moment when you simply have to fall.  That’s often what it’s like when it comes to trusting God isn’t it?

Making those leaps of Faith can be scary can’t they? And this is true in so many areas of our lives, even in some amazing things:

  • getting married can be really scary … exciting, but also scary
  • making a career change
  • even trying to take a step of Faith in our journey w/ God can be really scary sometimes … at least for me, I often start thinking …
    • Is this something God is asking me to do?
    • And if I still don’t want too, I’m liable to try to get some outside opinions … start making some rationale that you know even Satan has skills too right.

Let me start off today with this question to get our minds thinking together … How many of us would like to know what God’s Purpose for our life was?

In fact … am I the only one that honestly, would like to see it all mapped out on the Dry-Erase board, and be able to make sure I approve w/ the direction and goals God has for me?

The truth is, TRUSTING God … and experiencing the Grace of God Paul has been talking about for 4 chapters here in Galatians is the key to seeing God’s Purpose fulfilled in our lives.

Now … when it comes to God’s Purposes for our Lives … there’s a few things we know for sure:

– We are to bring Glory and Honor to HIM!   Right? We see this in the 1st 3 Commandments

– … no other God’s before Him

– … no idols

– … don’t misuse His Name

We bring Glory and Honor to God by experiencing His Mission and Purpose for our lives … the question is … How do we know what that is, and How do we do that?


APPLICATION:  The Problems of Fulfilling GOD’S PURPOSE with MAN’S PLAN.

  1. We try to Do It on MAN’S SCHEDULE.  (Genesis 12:1-4 & 16:1-4)
  2. We try to Do It on MAN’S STRENGTH.  (4:23)
  3. CONSEQUENCES: Results in Separation. (4:29-30)
  4. CONSEQUENCES: Results in Slavery.  (4:25)     

We say, Ok, I’m gonna stop that! I’m not going to do that anymore! And we have the BEST of intentions and the right heart … and the right motives … and we really don’t want to do so anymore.

Now, everyone take a deep breath right now and let’s hold it!   Ready … Go! We can only hold it so long … and if you try and practice and do exercises you might get a little better at it … but ultimately, you can only hold it so long.

And that’s what happens when WE try to set ourselves FREE from this stuff in our lives! We can only manage for so long, but the Grace of God thru Jesus came to set us FREE from the bondage of Sin, and the bondage of the Law.

And it’s in this FREEDOM thru Christ that we experience God’s Purposes fulfilled in our Lives … And as I continue to grow in God’s Grace every single day … I begin to DESIRE to do the things that are pleasing to Him … not out of Obligation … and not out of seeking some reward … or earning something … but it’s out of LOVE

A Love that grows as our relationship w/ Him grows, and as He continues to pour out Grace in our lives.  That’s how we’re going to be able to follow God’s Plan,  and to fulfill His purposes in our lives.

And so it really comes full circle doesn’t it? All the way back to the VIDEO really … are we going to TRUST Him … or TRUST Us?

And are we saying TRUST Him … but living TRUST Us?