TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:  Galatians 6:1-16

BOTTOM LINE:  The Evidence of God’s Grace in our lives should help us 1) Restore Relationships easily; 2) Bear Burdens Gladly; 3) Give Generously; 4) and Exude the Goodness of God.

QUESTION:  Is there visible, tangible and present evidence of God’s Grace having trasnformed our life?

DOWNLOAD:  How many of you remember back to the days when you were in school … and at some point along the way, you thought to yourself, when in the world am I EVER going to use this stuff? And why are they making us learn this?

I think that’s my fear sometimes in what I have the blessing of doing week in and week out in regards to God’s Word too.  Today, we’re wrapping up Paul’s letter to the Church in Galatia,  and all throughout this entire book, Paul has talked about The Grace of God: how it’s sufficient;  how it made a way for our Salvation; how it’s the same source we plug into as we Grow and Mature in our Faith; and how the Grace of God allows us to be Family … and how it brings Freedom that Bill shared about last week.

Here’s what I believe: One house changed can change a street. One street changed can change a block. One block changed can change a neighborhood. And one neighborhood changed can change a city!!! Will we be that home?

And so today … we’re going to warp up this series from this incredible letter that Paul wrote to his friends in Galatia … trying to help them … and us … How Does God’s Grace … in which He helps us to Love … be Manifested? How should our life be lived out from Him as our Source?


  1. How Do We Deal With Another Person Who Is In Sin?.  (Galatians 6:1)
    1. Gentle does not mean we condone their sin.
    2. Gentle helps them see how they can conquer their sin by the Power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. How Do We Deal With Another Person Who Has Burdens In Life?(6:2-5)
  3. We Share Blessings Generously. (6:6-10)
  4. Our Boasting Gives God the Glory.  (6:11-16)     

Jesus gave us the opportunity to experience both Eternal Life when this life is over, and The Abundant Life until the day He calls us home.   It was an extension of God’s Grace poured out for us.

And the thing that I have really wrestled with is this, when I look deep down, in the core of my pursuit of the Abundant Life In-Christ … in all my desire to experience The Grace of God,  do I see these kinds of things evident in my life?

  • Do I seek to Restore my Brother Gently?
  • Do I carry a Burden Gladly? Do I even have space where I’m willing?
  • Do I share Blessings Generously? And yes, Rita and I GIVE 1st here in the life of HCC every single week … but is God calling us to do more? Am I constantly seeking and asking what He’s calling us to GIVE?
  • Does my life exude the Goodness of God … or the accomplishments of Ken? What’s all over my Facebook?   What kinds of things come out of my mouth? Am I making much of Him and less of Me? Or the other way around … I make much of Me, and work God in when it’s convenient?