TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 1 Samuel 17:32-35

BOTTOM LINE: There’s no “I” in TEAM, but there is in “WIN.”  God’s Team is counting on the collection of strong individuals with a clear mission who are willing to bring well developed strengths to the table and collectively achieve more than anyone can achieve alone.

QUESTION:   Do we have an intense, extreme, strong and Overpowering emotion and feeling to Glorify God?



We’re a TEAM.  Our life and journey are constantly changing and evolving, and we need EACH OTHER.  We need EVERY SINGLE PLAYER; we need our Staff and Elders in the offices planning and praying and dreaming and developing strategies to help Team Jesus; we need one another to encourage us, and to provide that accountability that when we don’t feel like it, we know they’re going to be there and they’re counting on us.

DAVID had PASSION. I might go so far as to say almost ALL of us have PASSION … the only question is … What are we PASSIONATE about?

How do we ignite PASSION when it comes to Who God Is to us? What God has done In-Us?  What God is Doing In-US?  What God still has yet to do in front of Us?

Are we in a place where if we showed up here today on TEAM JESUS, and they sent us home … that we’re so passionate about it that we just show up tomorrow regardless?

PASSION – an intense, extreme, strong & overpowering emotion & feeling.  The object of such enthusiasm.


3 Things that stand out to me here about DAVID:

  1. Commitment
  2. Courage
  3. Craving



Satan is going to throw everything he can at us … and the kitchen sink.

  • He’s gonna try to discourage us.
  • He’s gonna try to paralyze us by fear.
  • He’s gonna try to paralyze us by seeking the approval of others instead of God.
  • He’s gonna try to paralyze us by creating havoc w/ our Finances.

Don’t think for a minute that Satan’s not going to do his homework too!  He’s gonna watch our Game Film.  He’s looking to see what we do … how we do … where he thinks he can find our weakness, and then he’s gonna do everything he can to exploit it!

So Get Ready … the people around us can’t create PASSION … that’s on us!

What would it look like if we allowed God to Ignite a PASSION for Him in our lives … that leads to:

  1. COMMITMENT… to do whatever it takes! No matter the time or day … that we’re not just involved, but we’re COMMITTED.
  2. COURAGE… to do whatever God asks … and go wherever God leads.
  3. CRAVING / DESIRES… where we hunger for God! We can’t imagine a day without Him!  That we long for bringing JOY to God more than being applauded by other people!


PASSION that’s ignited by God in our lives … will give us the:

  • … COMMITMENT needed to overcome
  • … COURAGE to take the next step … no matter how crazy or scary …
  • … CRAVING for more of Him, because God’s completely satisfying in our lives.




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