TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 1 Samuel 16; other various Scriptures 

BOTTOM LINE: There’s no “I” in TEAM, but there is in “WIN.”  God’s Team is counting on the collection of strong individuals with a clear mission who are willing to bring well developed strengths to the table and collectively achieve more than anyone can achieve alone.

QUESTION:   Are we READY to get in the Game?  Are we Preparing Personally so we can be used as a part of the TEAM?



We’re a TEAM.   Our life and journey are constantly changing and evolving.  Sometimes we’re healthy and our Body is feeling great, and other times maybe we’re in the game, but dealing w/ a Nagging Injury.  Sometimes we’re Injured and on the sidelines right now?  Whatever the case … We need EACH OTHER.

We need EVERY SINGLE PLAYER!  We need our Staff and Elders in the offices planning and praying and dreaming and developing strategies to help Team Jesus.   We need one another to encourage us,  to provide that accountability that when we don’t feel like it, and we know they’re going to be there and they’re counting on us.

We need all of that, and what’s UH-MAZING to me about the Locker-Room is how the BEST teams that I have ever been apart of at any level … that Locker-Room was like family!

DAVIDin his time … I’m not sure he had too many Bible Character’s before him to have been his Inspiration.  He became such a powerful inspiration to God’s People, and made such a powerful deposit and brought strength and wisdom to the Kingdom of God and the Nation of Israel.

God CALLED David in his YOUTH, and 1 of the things I just LOVE about DAVID was his Passion to WORSHIP the LORD!


3 Things that stand out to me here about DAVID:

  1. Great Attitude – He was a man after God’s Own Heart
  2. Insatiable Desire – He was a man of Passion
  3. Always ready – He was a man of Destiny. Put me in Coach … I’m ready!


How can we be a Man/Woman after God’s Own Heart?

  1. CHRIST at the Center!
  2. Obedience / Willingness to say YES LORD!
  3. The Meaning of God’s Word!  
  4. REST … Be Still …and RECOVER!   



There are so many ways to MEET TOGETHER as the Word talks about here …

  1. CONNECTION Groupsfor sure – it’s our best time of the week.
  2. Intentional timetogether with others: Having dinner together, play-dates w/ kids, date-nights, etc…
  3. 1 on 1 discipleshiptogether – seriously, gathering together with 1-2 other people and intentionally, strategically sharing together … talking together … reading together … asking hard questions together.
  4. Serve Together– I’m amazed at how much fellowship and encouragement we share when we serve together as God’s Hands and Feet. Whether that’s something organized church-wide … or 2 families get together to take food to someone in need … or host a Fall Festival for Cancer families … you name it.



  1. Great Attitude – He was a man after God’s Own Heart
  2. Insatiable Desire – He was a man of Passion
  3. Always ready – He was a man of Destiny. Put me in Coach … I’m ready!


The root of this message for me has been centered around this feeling in my heart … this sense of Urgency for a world in need of Jesus … for a World … and Country … and City that I’m praying God’s transformation and revival can break out.

For such a time as THIS… For God to use US … yes, this Fellowship … to be essential and foundational in the movement of the Gospel in our city and beyond!

And part of being ready … is you and I …  Igniting the Passion in our Life:

  1. Jesus is at the Center & Core of EVERYTHING.
  2. We say YES LORD! Take that next step of Obedience and Faith.
  3. We spend time in God’s Word and we allow it to be the FOUNDATION we build upon in our life.
  4. We REST … re-new … re-fresh … and prepare to re-engage …
  5. Fellowship – koinania … the encouragement and accountability and overflow we have into one another’s lives … and that we receive from one another!




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