TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: James 1:13-18

BOTTOM LINE: God will Not Test Us or Lead us or Entice us towards Sin!

QUESTION:  How Does God Change our NATURE so that we are Not So Drawn Towards Sin?



One of the things that often happens early on in my season where I feel like I’m being TEMPTED, is that I can really be tempted to Blame God!

The Bible tells us that the Pressure Point of Temptation actually comes from our own hearts,  and that God doesn’t actually TEMPT us.

How can we manage the Pressure Point of TEMPTATION in our journey In-Christ?

  1. God Does NOT Entice SIN.
  2. Our NATURE Makes SIN Enticing.
  3. God Changes our Nature.



I’m reminded so often of this … but every GOOD GIFT come from a GOOD GOD!

  • God is the Creator of the GOOD GIFT of CREATION!
  • And … HE is the Creator of the GOOD GIFT of NEW CREATION too!

He came in Human Flesh … to bring the Gospel Story of Redemption to Life … and to Rescue us from Death!

  • He changes our Desires!
  • He overturns the DEATH Sentence that we deserve!


I’m not sure where the TEMPTATION is for you? Remember, it’s much easier to see in someone else’s story than our own at times!

When we see a brother or a sister in SIN … there’s a couple of things we don’t know:

  1. WE don’t know how hard he/she has been in Prayer and truly fighting against the Temptation to Sin.
  2. We don’t know the Power of the Forces that Satan has deployed onto their lives.

Not to mention … we may not know how we would respond in the same place.

I don’t know where your Struggle is … where Satan is clawing and scraping trying to get a Foothold … but I know:

  • God is NOT trying to get us to Fail!
  • It’s our NATURE by default that we’re drawn to SIN …
  • But by God’s Grace … He’s in the business of changing our NATURE.

God’s in the business of changing our NATURE … to do a work in us day by day … where we look more and more like Jesus every single day … and be more like Jesus in that we can withstand the Pressure Point of Temptation like Jesus too!