TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: James 2:1-13

BOTTOM LINE: When we show Partiality, Favoritism or Discrimination, we are not painting an accurate picture of Jesus.

QUESTION:  How Do We See People the Way Jesus Sees People?



Do we ever struggle or even really consider how often we see 2 completely different people experience the exact same thing, and yet depending on our Lens that we’re viewing it thru, it can bring a completely different response or emotion?

But the Truth is … sometimes we just have FAVORITES don’t we?

Sometimes we have a PREJUDICE … sometimes we have a FAVORITISM … sometimes we have a LENS of PARTIALITY that honestly looks nothing like the Jesus we come to know, serve, love and experience!

D.A. Carson, an incredible Theologian & Professor of New Testament kicks around a few thoughts from James 2 here:

  • ONE:  Our drive to place Christian Celebrities on a pedestal is nothing less than the PARTIALITY that James describes in his 2nd chapter.
  • TWO:  Our Preferential Treatment of those that we believe can benefit our cause is opposed to the Cross-Centered Faith that we Proclaim!



  1. PARTIALITY is Inconsistent w/ God’s REDEMPTION!
  2. PARTIALITY is Inconsistent w/ God’s LAW!
  3. PARTIALITY is Inconsistent w/ God’s MERCY!

The CURE here for our Hearts that fall victim to this Pressure Point when the Heat is applied, is to on a Deep, Personal Level [to plunge ever so deep into the Incredible Mercy of God in our own Life]!

BOTTOM LINE:  those of us who are Redeemed, we must live a life that is more and more consistent w/ the Mercy we have been shown!