TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: James 3:1-18

BOTTOM LINE:  The Redeeming POWER of our Words!

QUESTION:  Do our WORDS bring Peace, Hope and Encouragement in the lives of others?



The framework of this Pressure Point is really from 2 Directions: 1) Have we been Hurt by this PRESSURE POINT?  2) Are we Hurting someone else w/ this PRESSURE POINT?  … and this one is our  WORDS.

There is literally LIFE and DEATH in the Power of the Tongue!

Our ENCOURAGING WORDS can lift someone up and help them make it through the day!

Our DESTRUCTIVE WORDS can cause deep wounds … and may very well be the weapons that destroy someone’s desire to continue trying!

Our Words are REALLY Powerful. Apart from the Redeeming work of Christ In-Us, most of us would do way more harm than Good w/ our WORDS!

Time and time again in the Scriptures, we see all kinds of Teachings about the TONGUE.  James devotes literally an entire Chapter trying to help the Early Church, and leaving this powerful Text for us too as a reminder of the Tension and PRESSURE POINT associated w/ What We Say.



  1. We Must Know the POWER of the TONGUE!
  2. We Must Know the HYPOCRISY of the TONGUE!
  3. We Must Know the SOURCE of the TONGUE’s Redemption!


The CURE: this type of Wisdom and Speech that governs our Life, literally puts the work of God in our Life on display.

When we struggle, and our Words fit the Culture [and our Words are rooted in our Flesh] we see that earthly, un-spiritual … and at times, even giving way to the Evil One to govern our Speech.

Conversely, when our SPEECH and our WORDS are characterized by Purity … and Peace … we see something that OVERFLOWS from above!

BOTTOM LINE:  We can’t OVERFLOW what we do not have!   The Launch Pad is personal … for each and every one of us … to not only begin a relationship w/ God through the Life Death and Resurrection of Jesus, but to then personally be leaning into Him as our SOURCE every single day!

Our SPEECH and Our WORDS and the type of WISDOM that is governing our Words and Lives  [whether it’s WORLDLY WISDOM or GODLY WISDOM] reveals the state of our Heart!