TEACHER:  Ken Hicks



QUESTION:  How do we deal w/ the Pressure Paint of Pain in CONFLICT?



TODAY, we’ve going to dive into the Pressure Point of CONFLICTJames is so blunt here about the SOURCE of our CONFLICT, and it’s Painful & Helpful both at the same time.  We’re going to discover the solution to overcome the Pressure of CONFLICT … includes identifying it’s SOURCE, and pursuing the Humility that sets pleasing God as our Goal.

James helps us as we wrestle w/ this Tension … are we Building WALLS & FENCES … or are we building BRIDGES?

JAMES just sort of jumps directly into the Deep End of the Pool!  He goes straight to the Heart of the Conflict!

JAMES starts to paint this Road Map here about the importance of actually discovering the SOURCE of our CONFLICT as opposed to focusing on the Triggers so to speak.  CONFLICT honestly is a result of Sin entering the world, and sort of like Sin, it has this tendency to touch every single part of our lives doesn’t it?

It’s not just MARRIAGES that experience conflict.  It’s every single human relationship and organization on the planet.




  1. The SOURCE of our Conflict w/ PEOPLE!
  2. The SOURCE of our Conflict w/ GOD!
  3. We Must Know the SOURCE of our RESOLVE!


Humility is the path to truly resolving CONFLICT … Humility will rightly value God above Self, and the result is that the rhythm’s and system’s in our world and culture begin to lose their value and appeal.

Humility causes us to pursue Godliness in the midst of CONFLICT.  How often would our experience of CONFLICT be described as Godly?

Humility leads us to a place of CONFESSION.  Acknowledging our SIN before God and before one another … and helps us navigate life In-Christ amidst the inevitable experience of CONFLICT.

James 4:1-3 teaches that cravings underline CONFLICTS.  Why do we fight?  It’s not because my wife/husband do/did this, that or the other … it’s because of something about us!

Couples who see what is ruling our hearts and controlling our cravings for affection … attention … power … vindication … control … comfort … a hassle free life … we can REPENT and find God’s Grace made real to us … and THEN we discover and experience how to make Peace.