TEACHER:  Ken Hicks


BOTTOM LINE:  Waiting on God’s Rescue Plan!

QUESTION:  How do we deal w/ the Pressure Paint of RETALIATION?



So many of us have been in this place where we’re literally waiting for God’s Rescue in our lives, and how often in this time of waiting, do we wrestle w/ this tension and PRESSURE POINT of wanting to RETALIATE?

Any time we’ve been Done Wrong so to speak … I think it’s totally natural to desire retaliation isn’t it?  Seriously, who doesn’t want Justice to be done?

Here’s what’s difficult:  When we’re wronged, the Bible encourages us to respond w/ Patient Endurance … instead of Sinful Retaliation!

Truth is, when times get really difficult … and we’re backed into a corner … the stress and pressure are high, and we’re often tempted to want to take things into our own hands aren’t we?

3 Pretty Major Implications here from this Truth that James outlines … that I think we just cannot miss:

  1. Because God is making all things right, we must be sure we’re not on the wrong side of His bringing justice.
  2. We have to trust in His coming rescue, and not on our own feeble attempts at retaliation.
  3. In the mdist of Suffering, we must strengthen our Hearts.



  1. Be on the RIGHT SIDE of God’s RESCUE!
  2. TRUST in God’s Rescue!
  3. STRENGTHEN our HEARTS as we Wait for God’s Rescue!

We’re not alone in our experience … we’re not the 1st … and won’t be the Last.

As James has been saying all throughout this Letter, all of this stuff is coming, and we’re going to wrestle w/ it … it’s going to be Heavy at times.  We’re going to walk more In-Christ in some moments than we do in others

What would that look like for you?

  • Maybe our natural response is to get Loud, or Angry and verbally raise our voices … in response to the Pressure bring applied from this Pressure Point … but we’re trying to let someone know we’re hurting … and this is how we do it?
  • Maybe our natural response has been to be more physical … banging things … punching the wall … throwing things … you name it?
  • Maybe our natural response has been to Run and/or Hide … to just get away … ignore it as if it’s somehow just going to naturally get better?


The bottom line here is when we’re reliant upon our own Retaliation [and our own Answer & Response] what we may not know is that according to God’s Word, that’s revealing a heart that at least in that moment does not Trust in God’s Plan.