SCRIPTURES:   Nehemiah 3:1-32

BOTTOM LINE:   Nehemiah had incredible Organizational and Leadership Skills to mobilize God’s People to Rebuild the Gates … but he didn’t do it alone!  There is power in the communal service and ministry of God’s People.

QUESTION:  ARE WE?  There is so much to learn from the people of God in Nehemiah 3 … but ARE WE?


A couple of general Observations here from NEHEMIAH 3:

1.     NEHEMIAH had an extraordinary gift of Administration and Organization.

2.     People working together can accomplish more than if just 1 person tried to do all the work.

PREPARATION:  NEHEMIAH was clearly able to organize and motivate this collection of laborers … many of them were from Jerusalem, so it had direct and meaningful impact on their lives … some of the workers I’m sure had traveled w/ NEHEMIAH for a specific role or purpose as well …

ILLUSTRATION: Leaders Build People … And again … I shared this last week … NEHEMIAH’s #1 priority was the Glory of God … and his #2 priority was the Jewish people … notice how he never loses his concern or his passion for the people … he wasn’t using the people to build a project … he was using the project to build people …

CONSTRUCTION:  As we dive into the text here … we discover 12 gates surrounded Jerusalem … only 10 are actually mentioned here in the text … we’re not sure if Ephraim or Prison Gates either didn’t need any work … or if they were simply not recorded …

It’s also interesting that 4 of the Gates rebuilt here make no mention of Locks or Bars … allowing us to consider that maybe these 4 Gates … Fish, Water, Horse & Inspection simply remained “Open” and “Guarded” at all times?

The act work itself sort of had 4 stages:

  1. Removal of rubble and unusable materials that were either beyond repair or in the way of rebuilding.
  2. The workers were to save and re-build anything that was salvageable.  So they had to determine what was good, bad, remove excess, etc
  3. They were to repair anything found to be weak, places where the structure remained, but pieces were falling off, etc
  4. They were to strengthen and fortify what they found to be good.

And this was only happening on the actual wall itself … it was physically demanding work … and those who were rebuilding sacrificed an enormous amount of time and energy to rebuild their city.


APPLICATION:  3 Great Take-Away’s from Nehemiah 3:

I.  Their Nobles Didn’t Support Their Work!

II.  Serving God As a Family is the BEST Form of DISCIPLESHIP!

III.  Our Neighbors Are a Part of God’s Mission


We can learn from how each Gate was so valuable to the function of the city … and how each person’s willingness to be a part of the rebuilding was so powerful …

ILLUSTRATION: WILL WE?????  The question is … WILL WE?  Will We:

–       Allow God to begin to rebuild our lives through the Sheep Gate if we have not already?

–       Share our Story

–       Begin to understand the Truth’s in God’s Word

–       Understand the Valley’s are a part of the journey?

–       Take the Rubbish out of our lives?

–       Allow the Holy Spirit to empower us and the Fountain of God’s Love, Word and Truth to cleanse us?

–       Prepare for Battle?

–       Live our life knowing 1 day the Inspection is coming?