SCRIPTURES:   Nehemiah 5:1-19

BOTTOM LINE:   We all expect to battle the enemy.  But what do we do when the battle is coming from our own people (friends, family, church members, etc…)?

QUESTION:  What do we do when someone hurts us?

DOWNLOAD:  Chapter 5 has some really good stuff, that I think many of us deal w/ on a daily basis in our lives.


There were were 4 Groups of people complaining to Nehemiah:

  1. People who owned no land, but needed food (vs 2).
  2. Landowners who had mortgaged their property in order to buy food (vs. 3).
  3. Those who complained that the taxes were too high (vs. 4).
  4. Those who were exploiting others (vs. 5).

2.  NEHEMIAH’S PROCESS  (vs. 6-13)

  1. He appealed to their LOVE (vs 7).
  2. He reminded them of God’s REDEMPTIVE PURPOSE  (vs. 8).
  3. He appealed to them based on GOD’S WORD  (vs. 9).
  4. He appealed to them to remember their WITNESS (vs. 9).
  5. He appealed to his own ACTION & TESTIMONY (vs. 10-11).
  6. He appealed to the JUDGMENT of GOD (vs. 12-13).

3.  NEHEMIAH’S EXAMPLE  (vs. 14-19)

2 Basic Driving Principles:  Love the Lord Your God w/ all your heart … and Love your neighbor.



General Application:


  1. There is a direct correlation between the effectiveness of our MISSION and how we treat each other.
  2. Relational challenges are inevitable … and we can’t ignore them.
  3. We must take the initiative to restore relationships.
  4. God’s reputation is at stake when we have conflict.


Solving Relational Conflict the way Nehemiah solved conflict here in Nehemiah 5:

  1. Make sure it’s a Moral Issue.
  2. Think before we Speak
  3. Meet Face-to-Face
  4. Seek Resolution