TEACHER:  Ken Hicks / Elijah David 

SCRIPTURES: Romans 14:1-21

BOTTOM LINE:   God’s Call for Unity, Humility, & Serving One Another

QUESTION: How is our HEART when it comes to the things of God?


3 MAIN THEMES in Romans 14: Unity; Humility; Serve One Another

  1. Unity
  2. Humility
  3. Serving One Another

UNITY: He tells them to not major on minors, keep peripheral doctrines in their place and do not elevate them to the prominence of the essential doctrines of the faith.

HUMILITY: Basically, he levels the playing field calling them to walk in the truth that no one is above another.

MY BROTHER’S KEEPER: He who would be greatest among you shall be servant of all.  Devote yourselves to showing grace and care towards each other in everything, showing the same grace and mercy towards members of the Body that you have asked God to show you.

Paul makes a pretty radical statement that one can miss if we just read it in the English. Paul says to receive one who is weak in the faith… That word receive means so much more than welcoming someone to a small group or inviting them to church or even to sit down at the table with you for a meal, though it may include any or all of those things.

**The meaning of that word “receive” means: to take to one’s self; to take by the hand in order to lead aside; grant one access to one’s heart, to take as one’s companion. The concept here is one of Intimacy & Care, like you would do for your own child or your best friend.

Paul uses two practical examples to illustrate what he means by disputes over doubtful things. The example of food is presented in such a way as to make it seem obvious that this is not an essential issue either to salvation or to one’s walk with the Lord.

-Note that he uses food as an example but the issue isn’t food.

The issue is despising one’s own brother or sister in the Lord. He gets right to the heart of it and calls them out for esteeming a peripheral doctrine over the very people Christ died to save.

Paul brings the church at Rome to the understanding that this is the attitude we should have when dealing with another believer: that God is going to ask of us what He is asking of them.

We will not sit in the counsel judging our brethren on that Day, and He hasn’t asked us to do so in this life either.

Again here, he emphasizes that God Himself is the center of our dealings with our Brethren. Christ is the focal point of all true discipleship. Not Self-Help Books … or Our Opinions … what does God’s Word say and how is Jesus the focal point of our Discipleship?

Words and actions towards others bear fruit, whether good or bad. They can literally change the course of one who belongs to Christ, either leading them towards Him or away from Him.




  1.  Pray
  2.  Continually Study the Basics 
  3.  Make the Resolution
  4.  Live it Out
  5.  Leave the Results up to God