TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:  1 John 2:7-17

BOTTOM LINE: We Can’t Know Jesus and Walk In-Christ and not LOVE!

QUESTION:  Why is it so easy claim to be a Follower of Jesus, and yet so difficult to live like Jesus?



We live in a fallen world, and because of that, it’s often that we find ourselves engaged in conversation.  Perhaps even living life w/ people who verbally claim to be Followers of Jesus, but truth is, at least thru the visible evidence anyone can see, maybe they’re not?

This isn’t a new phenomenon.  It was happening in the days of the Early Church,  and specifically to the Churches to whom John was writing this letter.   I think it’s why John went to such great lengths to speak to this issue and helps us know some of what we can know about God too!

What John writes here to us all is that being a Follower of Jesus is not so much What We Know as it is Who We Know!

The evidence of God’s Presence is not so much about all the knowledge in our heads as it in the transformation of our lives into looking more like Jesus!

In chapter 2… in verses 1-6John has already made the point that one of the 3 ways we know God is by our obedience to Him.  He follows that insight up w/ another one … We Know Him when we have His Love.


  1. The ORIGIN of LOVE.
  3. The OPPOSITE of LOVE.


TWO:  The PROCESS of Maturity.

He sort of gives us 2 sets of parallel lenses here … looking at 3 different groups w/in the Body of Christ:

  1. The Children – those who are young in their faith.
  2. The Fathers – those who have been believers for a long time.
  3. The Young Men – those who presently carry the responsibility for the advance of the Gospel.


THREE:  The DANGERS of the World.

On 1-Hand … we’re told to Love God … and Love One Another … but at the same time, we’re strongly warned against loving the world … or even the things of the world



When we are walking In the Light … we are growing in our Spiritual Maturity … God is molding us into more and more of His Image in this process … and when we are walking In-Christ and engaging in fellowship w/ God & His People … we are NOT possessed by the world … but rather … possessed by the LOVE of God!

John is really trying to help us … and help the people here in the Early Church … to understand we are going to be constantly wrestling w/ this tension between devoting our Time, Talents and Treasures to things that are Temporal … vs. things that are Eternal.


For us … we have to ask … where is our LOVE?

Do we LOVE the world … or do we LOVE our Lord?

Do we realize how much God LOVES us, and would we allow God’s LOVE in us to help us LOVE Jesus this morning?


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