TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 103:19-22

BOTTOM LINE:   God is Sovereign and In Control … even when it doesn’t Feel Like It!

QUESTION: Are we viewing God through the Lens of Life … or viewing Life through the Lens of God?



Do you ever struggle w/ AUTHORITY?  Are you one of those people who just seemed to come out of the womb pushing back? Not ready to just acknowledge that SOMEONE ELSE is in charge?

Some of us might be just like that?  We may struggle to NOT be in Charge? We may truly feel the need to be in Control [or at least think we’re in control], and that can create some tension in our lives for sure … in all sorts of different spaces … right?

We use this word Sovereign a lot when we’re reading God’s Word, and acknowledging who God is. By definition, it refers to a King or a Ruler.  To be Sovereign is to have Authority in a particular realm.  Sovereignty is the Rule a King establishes over His Realm.


3 different Pushbacks that really try to wrestle w/ this Tension that God is NOT really Sovereign and in charge:

  1. The Problem of Un-Explainable Catastrophes!
  2. The Prosperity of the Wicked!
  3. The Paradox of Sovereignty & Free Will!




Is God really Sovereign … or are we in Charge … and how does all of that work?  Some really strong Believers in Christ and Theologians throughout the years have wrestled w/ these same things!

where do we Turn?  How do we keep walking In-Christ in a world that is constantly questioning … and at times … feels like they are doing everything possible to sway us the other direction?

  1. There are 2 Wills On the Loosein this Universe.
  2. There are 2 Ways to Look at Life.
  3. There are 2 Choices We Can Make.


Ultimately … there’s 2 choices we can make … we can REJECT God’s Sovereignty … which ultimately leads to despair, frustration, etc…

… OR … we can bow before Him in humble submission … which leads to Praise and Freedom!