TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 2:10-12

BOTTOM LINE:   The Right Man/Woman for the Job!

QUESTION:   What do we do When NONE of the Candidates Seem to meet God’s Qualifications?



Today, we’re going to dive into Psalm 2 together, and talk about having The Right Man/Woman for the Job!

TODAY … I’m going to venture into a delicate space, and it’s one that I really stay pretty far away from to be completely honest.  Personally, I don’t have a ton of interest in the political climate.  I absolutely believe the Pulpit is NO PLACE to leverage any sort of political persuasion per say.

It’s just so much easier to just steer away from having any conversation in this arena.  However, the climate not just in our country … but specifically even in our own city … just keeps rising to the surface, and I keep wrestling w/ God in this tug-of-war so to speak on Ok God, what’s my role?  How do I lead well?  What do I say and When do I say it?

It’s so important having the right leadership … in our family … in our workplaces… and in the offices that shape the direction our city, state, and country, and the question is, Do we Want the Best Person for the Job bad enough to at least get educated and vote?

Congressman Joe PittsPlease tell your people to avoid 2 extremes.  First, tell them to avoid the extreme of keeping their Christianity out of Politics.  Second, tell them to avoid the opposite extreme of looking to the Government for Salvation.  Salvation is thru Christ, not the Government.

… and then he ended with …

There is a balance somewhere in the middle.  Our faith should impact every aspect of our life, even Politics.  Beg them to pray for us.

YES!  How about that?  That’s something I can get behind for sure!



  1. God Is Looking for Leaders Who FEAR HIM.
  2. God Is Looking for Leaders That Are TRUTHFUL.
  3. God Is Looking for Leaders Who HATE DISHONEST GAIN.



God’s Got 3 Qualifications Here we Can Use as a Litmus Test to Help Us;

    1. Does He/She have a Fear of the God Almighty?
    2. Is He a Man or Woman of Truth?
    3. Does He/She Hate Dishonest Gain?

Almost as if to say, if these 3 all hold true … [and they’re pretty simple, and yet Profound at the same time] … but if they hold True, the rest will fall in line too.

Inscribed on Jefferson’s Memorial, it says … Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever.



I keep thinking that myself … God’s Justice cannot sleep forever can it?

And so again, what do we do when as Followers of Jesus?  When we’re not sure ANY of the candidates meets the Qualifications laid out here by God?

ONE:  We’re looking for the person that most closely resembles God’s Qualifications.

TWO:  We dig for Truth – not falling victim to the news, media, etc… that is trying to sway an agenda one way or the other.  But seriously searching for Truth!  Reading Articles … reading Books … you name it!

THREE:  Then … we PRAY … make a CHOICE … and VOTE!