TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Isaiah 6:1-5

BOTTOM LINE: Sometimes we struggle to REJOICE and experience JOY because we have the wrong VIEW of God!

QUESTION: Are we VIEWING God as Daddy?  Or, are we VIEWING Him as the Awe Inspiring, All Holy, All Mighty and Glorious God?



WHAT are some of the obstacles that stand in the way and perhaps are keeping us from REJOICING?

I know some of us even right now … are navigating all sorts of obstacles …

  • Kids starting school … new schools, new classes, new teachers, new rhythms
  • Aging parents and way more unknowns and questions than answers
  • Marriages that need a fresh wind and sweet touch of God right now
  • Some of us have teen-age or young adult children that are making choices that bring all sorts of challenges, anxieties, and struggles
  • Some of us have gotten our own personal health diagnosis that has us in a season of flux and unknowns.
  • … you name it …

We said last week, It’s not what HAPPENS to us that matters most!  It’s how we RESPOND that makes all the difference!

One of the things I would propose as at least a Launch Pad in this conversation is that I think one of the obstacles is that We Have Lost the AWE INSPIRING View of God!

One of the Obstacles standing in the way of us resting and experiencing the JOY of Christ is that perhaps we’ve allowed our VIEW of God to become really, really common too?


I LOVE this message that they Chant here … and the way they Speak Directly into the Character of God here too …

  1. Yahweh is HOLY!
  2. Yahweh is MIGHTY
  3. Yahweh’s Creation Exhibits His GLORY!




Isaiah witnesses this majestic … and awesome Presence of Yahweh on His Throne … he hears the earth shattering chant of the Seraphim declaring Yahweh’s Holiness … and Might … and Glory.

Isaiah is literally overcome by his own sense of smallness … unworthiness … and sinfulness!

God doesn’t allow Isaiah’s sinfulness to be a Barrier,  and the same was true for us too.  It’s why God was willing to send His only Son Jesus, to live a perfect life, suffer a brutal death and be raised to live again just as God had promised … because He wasn’t willing to just accept that there had to be a Barrier between us and Him too.

May this resonates w/ you some today?  You’re giving it everything you have day in and day out … trying to walk w/ God … and trying to serve a Mighty God.

And we know God’s Grace is there … we know Jesus was God’s only Son … who had to come so that like Isaiah … when we look at God and then look in the mirror … we’re like Oh I’m done!  I’m ruined!

And TODAY … Isaiah reminds us … Man, listen … that guy who’s in our corner is …

  • He’s HOLY
  • He’s MIGHTY


And maybe today, we need to be reminded.  We need to be reminded that …

  • He’s HOLY enough to love us … even in spite of our Flesh and those areas of our life that we’re still a work in Progress.
  • He’s MIGHTY enough to make a way for us to be Forgiven.
  • And … He’s GLORIOUS enough to help us back up, and to walk w/ us again as we take our next step of Faith.

And as we get up … we re-gain our confidence … and we re-discover our ability to be filled w/ JOY and to REJOICE!