TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Psalm 130:1-8


QUESTION: How Much Sin is God REALLY Willing to Forgive?



If we’re not careful, we can be full of excuses for our SIN.  It’s just not all that often that we want to humbly come before God and acknowledge that Sin right?

We often have this tendency to shift the blame from us  …

  • It’s our Parents fault! If they hadn’t gotten a divorce, it wouldn’t have been like this for me!
  • I was raised in a home that didn’t have much money, so it’s just how it is!
  • It’s my brother’s fault I like to drive fast and race other cars.
  • I didn’t pass that class because my brother wouldn’t help me and my parents wouldn’t get me a tutor.

Bottom line is that we’re all Guilty of SIN in our lives that has and at times still separates us from God and His Best in our lives!   Paul tells us that just in case there was any question in Romans 3:23 right?

And it’s our Sinful Nature of Pride that keeps us from humbling ourselves before God, and acknowledging our Sin and Guilt before God!

And we’re going to talk about this Rhythm …

  1. We Cry Out & the Lord Forgives.
  2. We Wait & the Lord Gives Hope.
  3. We Believe & the Lord Redeems!



I love how the writer of Hebrews tries to describe this …

Hebrews 8:12“For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more!”

I’m literally counting on this very thing … aren’t you?

What a blessing to be able to place our Trust in His Sacrifice on the Cross, rather than even my own Preaching [or my Side of the Scoreboard where I think I’ve scored all these Points for God]!

Truth is, I trust HIM way more than I trust ME!

His Word tells us  we can’t REDEEM ourselves anyway!  We can’t Do Enough… we can’t Be Enough… it’s literally impossible!

We can ONLY be REDEEMED through the finished work of Jesus on the Cross!  That’s it!

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