TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Exodus 20:4-6

BOTTOM LINE: Do not bow down to any other images or idols or God’s before God!

QUESTION:  Is there anything in your life that we Adore or Seek Value & Satisfaction from other than God?  Much less more than God?



What is an IDOL?   … an image used as an object of worship.  Sounds like those pics we’ve seen in National Geographicof the squatting Buddha’s surrounded by Candles and all that right?

We’re WAY past that aren’t we?  Here’s the 2ndpart … … One that is Adored!  Hmm, now maybe that one hits a little closer to home?  If Adorationis the issue, then maybe IDOLATRYis closer than we think?

At what point does Loving deeply cross the line into Idolatrous Worship?

–      Is it possible to love another person too much?

–      Is it possible to love our house or car or golf clubs too much?

–      Is it possible to love success to much?

I think the answer to all of those is probably YES.  This is such a reminder that if we’re not careful, Idolatry can pop anywhere in life [even places we don’t even associate w/ Religion or Spiritual things].

What’s the difference between Commandment #1 &Commandment #2?

  • 1st Commandment tells us WHOwe Worship.
  • 2ndCommandment tells us HOW we worship.

Let’s see 4 Things from Commandment #2:

  1.  What this Commandment Prohibits?
  2.  What this Commandment Threatens?
  3.  What this Commandment Promises?
  4.  What this Commandment Demands?



So … What do we do? How does the collision of this Commandmentimpact our daily life … and what do we do with it?

ONEGive God the Right to be God in My Life Whether I Like it or Not!

TWOWe Must Not Judge God by His Ability to Fulfill All Our Desires!

THREEConstantly Evaluate our Priorities in Light of Matthew 6:33!

And so we start asking ourselves questions like this … to help us spot those places in our life when we’re holding on to things too tight …

  1. Do I want this too much?
  2. Has this become too important to me?
  3. How would I feel if this were suddenly taken away from me?


3 Conclusions:

ONE … Idolatry is Sneaky!

TWO … Idolatry Can Become Generational!

THREE … Idolatry is Self-Absorbed!

We have 2 choices:

  1. We can spend our life chasing Idols earthly hands and minds have created.  And when that happens … our Idols die w/ us.
  2. Or … we an spend our life walking In-Christ, living from the overflow of His Presence in our lives! And then … when we die … it’s not over!   Life has just begun!


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