TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Exodus 20:7

BOTTOM LINE: The 3rd Commandment is so much MORE than Profanity!

QUESTION:  Are we taking the things that come out of our mouth and seriously as God takes them?



Many of us were raised to believe that taking the Lord’s name in Vain means using the words God and Damn in the same sentence … and by extension … we’re often led to believe that the 3rdCommandment also covers:

  • Salacious language
  • Dirty jokes
  • Vulgar language and mannerisms
  • Profanity

… you get the idea right?

And so we sort of land in this place that says … Ok Ken, no problem!  WE just clean up our language and move on to the next Commandment… and whew, we can get out early today!

If we start by trying to understand here even what the phrase … in Vain means … The Hebrew expression means lightly, frivolously, loosely, or casually.  So to take God’s name in Vain, means to use it in a Light, Frivolous, or Casual Way.

  1. Why is God’s Name so IMPORTANT?
    1. It Represents His Character.
    2. it Protects His Reputation.
  2. Examples of Using God’s Name Wrongly.
    1. Irreverence.
    2. Profanity.
    3. Promise Breaking



3.  Using God’s Name Right.

ONE … Reverent Speech.

TWO … Courageous Speech.

THREE … Affirming Speech.

The Four-Way Testthat the Rotary uses as a moral code for business and personal relationships … and it’s 4 Great Questions to ask when we’re tempted to say something unkind:

  1. Is it Truth?
  2. Is it fair to All concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?


Pretty simple … but what a difference it would make if we ask ourselves those 4 questions this week!


Here’s a 3-Step Project that can make a HUGE difference in our lives this week:

  1. Affirm God’s Goodness every single day this week.
  2. Affirm our loved ones every single day this week.
  3. Affirm 1 new person every single day this week.
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