TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Luke 8:5-15

BOTTOM LINE:  We have been called to let our Light Shine for Jesus.

QUESTION:  How often are you sharing the Gospel w/ someone who has not experienced life In-Christ?  How many people do you know that have not experienced life In-Christ?  What is holding you back from sharing what God has done and is doing in your life?


We’ve heard it said before right … A picture is worth 1,000 words.  Jesus was navigating the day to day journey and He would collide w/ a group of people who needed to experience God’s Truth, and somehow Jesus knew they didn’t need another Sermon … or Lecture.  So Jesus simply told them a story in a way the listeners could really relate.

Only an estimated 73% of the world today has heard of Jesus Christ.  Even fewer have actually experienced the Life-changing transformation that comes w/ Life In-Christ.  I sort of wondered this week, Ken, what do you think would happen if I were as passionate and committed about sharing Jesus as John Pemberton was about sharing his Soft Drink?

And yet … for many of us … sharing our Faith is not always that easy is it?

And I’ve wondered sometimes, Do you think Jesus’ early followers had the same questions running thru their minds?

They lived under really, really strict Religious Order at that time … and to deviate from the accepted norm was a HUGE risk for sure.

My guess is … they struggled with all kinds of things …

  • … were they qualified to share the story of Jesus?
  • … how would people react when they did say something?

So 1 day … Jesus left the synagogue to go teach outside … He climbed into a rough, rickety little bot … tied it to a stake … and let it drift just a few feet from the shoreline. Next thing you know … there was a pretty large crowd gathered on the beach … and they just sat in the sand to listen to Jesus.


Without the Sower,  there wouldn’t be a story!  In fact, even though as preachers, we always tend to focus on the 4 types of soil, Jesus actually calls this The Parable of the Sower, because it all began w/ the Sower.

So, who is the Sower? JESUS! The story is actually about Christ coming into our world and sharing God’s Message of Love, Forgiveness and Redemption.

And even though JESUS is the Sower in the story … each one of us who has exchanged our lives w/ the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus … with that exchange came a job description that includes you and I becoming Sowers in His Field.



This is the SEED, God’s Word.  The Gospel of Jesus.  When god’s Message of Love & Grace penetrates a fertile heart, time & eternity are FOREVER changed for that person!

  1. Story of our Life
  2. Story of our Love
  3. Story in Words



There is a LOT of reasons to NOT be a Follower of Jesus aren’t there?

  • Some people just choose to reject the message of The Gospel all together.
  • Some people think ehh … having a relationship w/ God is OK … but honestly, won’t allow God the space in their life to work.
  • Others are truly moved by the Gospel and truly desire to embrace Jesus, but the pressures of life and pursuit of money or entertainment or sports or other stuff just seem to be more important to be honest.



Truth is, if this Parable is any indication of Real Life, then 75% of the time, God’s Word won’t take root because the SOIL just simply isn’t ready.

But NOTICE … and I love this … the Farmer quietly goes about the journey and SCATTER’s anyway doesn’t he?

No wise farmer would sow seed in thorns ,or on a sidewalk … right? So has this guy just lost his mind? Is he careless w/ the SEED? Or wasteful?

And I just have to say … I DON’T THINK SO!   I think he knew that some of the SOIL would be unproductive in the moment, but in order to get the best possible coverage, he willingly and liberally scattered SEED on it anyway!

Just like the Farmer, God allows His Words and His Love to fall on many who will not receive it! Don’t you think God would love for every single person on the planet to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel?

And I know for me personally, I have this tendency to Pull Back a little from folks who I know who might be indifferent … or uninterested … but God doesn’t pull back from them!   In His eyes, God would rather be rejected 3 out of 4 times than to miss the 1 who might embrace Him.