TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Matthew 14:25-33

BOTTOM LINE:  Start; Engage; Finish!

QUESTION:  What is the True Cost of Discipleship?


Mission Statement at HCC is Connecting people w/ Jesus; Committed to Community; and serving as a Catalyst for Compassion in the world.

HOLY FRIENDS:  Someone who challenges the Sins in our life that we’ve grown to love! Someone who affirms the Gifts we’re afraid to claim; And someone who helps us Dream the Dreams we would otherwise never Dream.

A Parable is a story designed to teach us a lesson through comparison. In other words … when we hear the story, we can relate it to our own life.

The P’s of Parables … 

  1. The PASSAGE – what’s the passage? Is it mentioned some other place in the Bible, or just this 1? If so, which one do we want to use as the MAIN point of reference?
  2. The PARAMETERS – these are often written in a historical context … Jesus uses culture, historical events, etc… We just need to understand all we can about the culture.
  3. The PROBLEM – What is the problem that prompted the Parable? Jesus was often dealing w/ a Question or an Attitude … sometimes BOTH. Sometimes the question was even un-spoken, remember, He could read their minds.
  4. The PROGRESSION – What is the flow? Does it center around Characters (biographical), the sequence of events (chronological), a logical argument, etc…?
  5. The PRESENTATION – Analyze and organize the Outline the events of the story so I can study according to the Progression I choose.
  6. The POINT – What’ the central Truth or Point? And there’s often a POINT for every CHARACTER in the Parable.
  7. The PROGRAM of God – how does this relate to the Kingdom of God?
  8. The PARTICULARS – Are there any additional details that need to be understood? How do they relate to the Central Truth?
  9. The PRINCIPLES – How do we APPLY this to our life?


Often times, as Jesus was traveling from Galilee to Jerusalem, Large Crowds would literally follow Him along the way.  Among the Crowd [sort of like in many churches or people who watch online today] were some people who were sort of Kicking the Tires,  maybe we’d say they were Window Shopping of sorts, and just sort of checking out this whole Jesus thing.

But Jesus knew things were going to get rough in Jerusalem … He knew that following Him was not going to be an easy thing to do … so Jesus tells this story to sort of prepare them for what was to come.

Living the Christian Life is not always easy is it?   Most of the time, it’s not too difficult here on Sunday mornings, or Tuesday morning if you’re here for the Ladies Bible Study; or Tuesday night’s if you’re hear as a part of the Freedom Ministry & Recovery Night.

But out there … at the office … in our Marriage … w/ our children … Living the Christian Life is not only difficult, sometimes it even costs us Dearly.

  1.  THE TOWER: Count the Cost BEFORE Following
  2. THE WAR: Count the Cost of NOT Following



Is there anything more tragic than an Un-Finished Life … a life that had a great Foundation … be was never brought to completion?

There’s nothing more tragic than spending our entire life fighting all the wrong battles … leaving the most important battle un-finished … and un-resolved!   God desires to be Lord of our Every Day Life! Let’s Finish w/ Him!

  1. Jesus is Stressing DISCIPLESHIP & not Necessarily Salvation.
  2. A Disciple of Jesus Must Think Things Out Clearly BEFORE Deciding to Follow Jesus & His Teachings.
  3. A Disciple of Jesus Must Be Willing to Give Up Things that Get in the way of Discipleship.

To be a Fully Devoted Follower of Jesus … we START … we stay ENGAGED IN THE GAME … and we FINISH on that day that God calls us home.