TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Daniel 9:1-19

BOTTOM LINE:   Daniel’s Broken Hearted Prayer for the “Desolate” Church

QUESTION: With All the Similarities We See Between the Israelites in Babylon, and the Church of Today, HOW DO WE PRAY?



When it comes to our PRAYER LIFE, as Christians, most of us honestly so often feel like we don’t pray enough.  In fact, I’ve yet to meet a follower of Jesus who is completely satisfied w/ her/her prayer life.

Daniel 9 is literally a Prayer of Daniel … in fact … some theologians refer to this Prayer as The Model Prayer of the OT.

I believe God will never give up on his people, and He will get His global purpose done … even if He has to use a remnant to do it!

But so much of the Christian Movement today seems to be struggling, and honestly, what looks like a reflection of …

  • Disunity
  • Dishonor
  • Disobedience


… all in the name of Christ.  Some have even referred to The Church as appearing Desolate … in terms of the people in it surrendering our life to Christ, and our willingness to walk thru life even somewhat close to what we see Daniel praying for here.

  1. The People are Captive to Godless Forces
  2. The People are Guilty and Ashamed
  3. The People were a Byword Among the Nations


How do we Pray? And this is the part where I think we find Hope … we find this incredible Model we can follow … and something practical we can begin to integrate in our lives.

  1. Start With God’s Word (Scripture).
  2. Confess Our Sin.
  3. Remember Past Experiences of Mercy & Grace.
  4. Appeal to God’s Zeal for the Glory of His Own Name