TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Luke 2:1-20





I remember a seeing an America’s Funniest Video’s one year, and a young boy was opening gifts on CHRISTmas morning.  He got to open the Largest Present first, so he starts tearing it open.  Paper flying everywhere, and he runs around the room hollering Yes! Yes! It’s just what I wanted! I love it!

And then there’s a short pause … and he looks at it again and says What is it?

On that 1st CHRISTmas the angels announced the birth of a new child, the Heavens were opened, and the Heavenly Host of Angels broke out in to songs of Praise!

Shepherds responded by going immediately to find the Messiah in Bethlehem to see what it was all about.  Two thousand years later, we’re often still jumping up and down saying It’s just what I wanted!   It’s perfect!   It’s exactly what I needed!

But then we look in the stable … after a pause … and say But What is It?

Even then, 2,000 years ago, they didn’t really understand God’s Gift.  Honestly, we’re still trying to understand it today.



I want to look at CHRISTmas thru the eyes of Jesus Himself … and I want to see thru the eyes of Jesus as …

  1. The Babe
  2. The Boy
  3. The Bread