TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Matthew 2:1-10

BOTTOM LINE:   Wise Men still seek Jesus!

QUESTION:  Are we bringing God our Best?  



Matthew 2:1 “After Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea, during the time of Herod the King, Magi from the east came to Jerusalem …”

So these Magi came looking for Jesus AFTER the fact …

  • Who were they?
  • Where were they from?
  • How did they know about the birth of Jesus to begin with?
  • Why did they come?
  • What did they bring w/ them?

They were no doubt students of Astronomy being able to recognize the star over Bethlehem as something different than usual.  Personally I think God must have somehow made them aware, which in a way clearly would have made them special in that the sense that God included them in His plan of revealing His Son.

Ultimately, they were part of God’s Plan, just as we’re apart of God’s Plan.  God gave them an awareness of Truth just as He gives us an awareness of Truth.  However, the difference between them and me sometimes … is THEY LISTENED … they followed God’s Direction, where I often wait … or ignore it … or try to find a way that it might not be what God’s asking me to do.

They saw something different in the Heavens relevant to the stars, and decided this was a message from the Father.  As God worked within their minds, they arrived at the conclusion this was a sign indicating the birth of the Messiah!



The MAGI … no doubt gave some thought to all the various obstacles they would have to face if they followed the star.

  • Arghh … it’s a long ways!   And our iPad isn’t charged … the A/C isn’t working great in the suburban.
  • who knows if it might be dangerous?
  • And … then … they were either walking or at best on a camel or donkey or something …

Ultimately, life is full of challenges  However, we have a God who has promised that He will never leave us or forsake us … and we can take 1 step of Faith at a time … if we’ll only hear His voice and follow where God leads.

The GOLD … an offering usually reserved for a King … FRANKINCENSE – a costly, fragrant bum distilled from a tree in India & Arabia … and MYRRH – an aromatic gum produced from a thorn-bush that grew in Arabia & Ethiopia.

These gifts were brought all the way from the East by the Magi, and were no doubt the very best they had to offer.

My challenge that I wrestle w/ … and maybe I’m not the only one … is this … Am I bringing God my Best?

Ultimately, everything I have [and everything I’ve experienced is from Him anyway], it’s really not mine.  God has channeled our time … energy … resources … and provision through our lives … for His Purpose and His Mission in the world.

And our job is to lay it all down at His feet … and bring to Him the very BEST we have to bring!