TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 2 Samuel 12, Psalm 51 

BOTTOM LINE:   UP … IN … OUT … David’s Repentance launched from a heart seeking Restoration UP w/ God, leading to IN community and then OUT to others.                                               

QUESTION:  Are we SORRY … or SORRY we got caught?   REPENTANCE truly is grateful for revelation of Sin in our life.


Many of us have gotten to that point in our Faith at 1 time or another.  Perhaps it wasn’t as disastrous as Adultery or Murder?  However, at some point we hear the words that Nathan was sharing w/ David, You are the Man … and they strike deep w/in us to our core.

We look at ourselves in the mirror and are stunned.  Sometimes horrified at where we’ve landed?

And at that point … we have a choice … just like Saul had a choice, and King David had a choice.

At what point, are we ready for REPENTANCE?  What does it take for us, to reach the point where we’re ready to turn our hearts back towards God?

There’s the story from the lens of 2 Samuel, the photo album to sort of tell us what was happening, but what David was navigating personally and emotionally in this season in his journal in Psalms is life-changing!

David literally wrote a song to sing out his grief and shock and his desire to return to God.  If you are EVER in this season where God is drawing you back towards Himself, highlight this chapter.  Fold the corner of the page here, something, because this could give us the courage we need in that moment.

FOCUS on GOD and not SIN:

YOUR unfailing love, YOUR great compassion  … and check out how when we are moving in a direction back towards God … the focus really isn’t on OUR SIN as much as it’s on HIS GODNESS.


Higher View of Ourselves … I Don’t Know What Came Over Me:

It’s so easy to have a higher view of ourselves than we should isn’t it? And I can’t speak for you, but there’s even been times for me in my life, where I’ve finally seen and acknowledged Sin in my life.   I find myself saying things like, I don’t know what came over me, that’s not who I am.

And we want to believe that at the Core, we wouldn’t do such a thing.


SORRY?   Or Sorry we Got CAUGHT?

Can I just confess for a moment?  There are many times when I’m pouring out my heart like this, but at the root and core, I’m really sorry I got caught!   I’m Sorry for sure, but I’m not sure the core of my heart is sorry.

Because when my heart is sorry … I’m Glad I got Caught! No excuses … no explanations … just full and complete confession!!!!

I’m Broken … and God … you’re the only solution to be put me back together!



And then he asks for God to re-make him right?

David doesn’t just want to be Forgiven.  He doesn’t just want his Sin Removed,  he wants his Sinful Nature CHANGED!

He’s acknowledged, God, I’m rotten to the CORE.  And God, I’m pleading w/ You to Re-New me to the CORE! Create in me a clean heart … grant me a willing spirit!


So … we can’t miss this …

  • It’s not about GETTING CAUGHT
  • It’s not about dodging the LIGHTNING STRIKE where God is going to strike us down …
  • It’s not even about the PUNISHMENT that comes w/ our choice to walk in our Flesh instead of walking in God’s Presence and Spirit in our lives …

… it’s about the RELATIONSHIP we have w/ God …

… David’s relationship was so precious to him that he can’t bear to lose it …


And that’s tough, sometimes we’re like … Ok Ken, great. I need more of the Holy Spirit in my life … but how do I do that? Especially in the midst of the chaos and craziness around me when I’ve not been in tune w/ God’s Voice and Direction … and when the Holy Spirit has tried to be my compass and source of direction, I’ve ignored it.

So now what?

And I can’t speak for you, and I don’t claim to have this magic Answer here for sure.  I can only tell you my experience, it’s sort of looks like this:

  1. I have to truly start from a Heart of Repentance … not sorry I got caught … but glad I got caught, and sorry for the season I’ve missed out on in walking w/ God along the way.
  2. I start to Renew and Refill my Mind and Body and Emotions and relationships w/ things of God and His Word and His Truth. I surround myself w/ people who are heading where God is heading … I soak up all that I can … I ask questions … I pray a LOT … I spend time w/ people who I can glean from and they can help be God’s Voice in my life.
  3. I Re-Invest … I go overflow my story and what God has done and what God is doing in others.


Here’s a quick thought … UP … IN … OUT

  1. UP– I reconnect w/ God in a strategic, intentional and meaningful way.
  2. IN – I reconnect w/in the Gospel relationships in my life for the purpose of experiencing more of God’s Presence in me.
  3. OUT – I allow God to us all things together for His good … even my scars … to be a hope and light for others around me.