TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 2 Samuel 11-12, Psalm 51 

BOTTOM LINE:   Conquering David’s GIANT

QUESTION:  How do we respond when someone approaches us in LOVE about sin that’s in our life?


Have you ever had a Role Model, who suddenly made some decisions that seriously impacted his/her influence in a positive direction?

Here in 2 Samuel 11-12, David falls victim to his Flesh.  To start with, David is NOT just in the Wrong-Place at the Wrong-Time. Sometimes we use that phrase when someone is caught up in something and hurt through no fault of their own … someone is in the theatre when a gunman opens fire and he/she loses his/her life.   That’s wrong-place, wrong-time.

But David is here by choice!   David starts off here on a slippery slope, and it only gets steeper.

We are most prone to Temptation when we are not where we are supposed to be!

Where is the most dangerous place for you? For David … it was being in Jerusalem when he should have been on the battlefield.

THEN … there’s this shift of leadership on David’s part.  He’s gone from the Hands-on King of the people, who was a servant of God and a leader among equals … to an Aloof King who sends people to do his work.

He goes from a Servant of God to a King Playing God.

There’s such a HUGE difference between SERVING and LORDING.

David wasn’t just in the wrong geographical location … he was in the wrong place mentally and emotionally too.


ILLUSTRATION: The Slippery Slope of Sin

When we’re sliding down that slippery slope of sin, there’s often a few footholds or a few places along the way where if we were willing, we could reach out and stop ourselves.

I heard a great statement about this this week … The 1st Rule of Holes … when you’re in one, stop digging!!!!

David has literally gone from being a Servant King for the people, to a Mafia Don.  Now, t’s like being ¾ of the way down the waterslide, stopping now is almost impossible isn’t it?

Too much momentum.  It’s too slippery.  So David gives Bathsheba some time to mourn, and then sends for her again and takes her as his wife.



Sometimes we find ourselves like David right?

Sometimes, we’re more like NATHAN.  God’s using us to be His Voice, and His Hands & Feet calling a friend back from the Wilderness … and the slippery slope of Sin.

NATHAN loves God, and he loves DAVID.  He goes to David here out of LOVE, not CONDEMNATION … not Judgementalism … not Wrath … but to call his King back to God!


  1. How do you approach someone who you Love … and who you can see maybe what they can’t see … and you know they profess to be on a journey w/ GOD … but they’re on that slope. And how do you approach them?
  2. How do we Respond When Someone Approaches Us In LOVE?  David could have continued down the Path … he could have denied what NATHAN was saying to him … he could have made excuses … he could have just flat out denied the TRUTH right?

We’re going to see how DAVID responded next week.

But one of the things I think we work thru in our lives, as we experience more and more of the Presence of God in our lives, is I can’t imagine living life w/o God in it!

I’m learning to be grateful for those people in my life God uses to LOVE me WELL.