TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: 2 Samuel 2-6 & Psalm 101

BOTTOM LINE:   David has waited patiently, and God fulfills His Promise.

QUESTION:  Do people see evidence of our pursuit and experience of life In-Christ?


David knew he had been anointed King of Israel, but as we’ve seen, did not immediately take over the throne.  He continued to remain faithful to whatever task he was giving, awaiting God’s timing.

Today, we’re going to pick the story back up in Samuel’s 2nd letter.   How do you think you would have responded if you had heard Saul was dead?

David Seeks God’s Direction BEFORE Acting (2:1)

David had been waiting patiently … and so now … it’s time to call the Nation together and declare you’re the new King right?

David asked, and God answered with clear direction … and it wasn’t YET time for David to be King over all of Israel.

Israel was made up of 12 Tribes or Families, and so for now, David would serve as the Leader/King over 1 Tribe … the Tribe of Judah!


History before David Became King (2:8-4:12)

You can read this week there the rest of chapter 2 … thru chapter 4 … and see all the different things that were going on,  before David finally ascends to the Throne.

God was working behind the scenes, and now it was time for God’s Promise to be fulfilled.


David Becomes King (5:1-3)

After David became King over Israel, he built his palace in Jerusalem, and that became Home. And because God was with David in everything David was doing and planning, it was evident to the people around him  [and the opposite of what we saw w/ Saul last week].   David’s Leadership and Influence are growing more and more powerful.

And as Followers of Jesus, the more we are walking In-Christ, and seeking God as our compass … and laying our own personal life and will down at the cross to seek God’s will and direction … the more we can personally encounter the Power of God too.




David teaches us to trust God’s Promises and faithfully to obey Him every day.  When we have those moments … or days … or weeks … when we’re living in our Flesh, and for whatever reason, have disconnected from God’s direction and compass for our life, we do what David did … we seek God’s Grace and Mercy.   We walk in His Forgiveness and Restoration, living a life of repentance and back to pursuing life In-Christ as opposed to life In-Ken.

God’s Word says that just as God forgave David … He will forgive us too!

Did you know it is possible to live life as men and women who are after God’s heart?

Sure we might not be perfect, but we don’t quit and give up on the whole Jesus thing.  We quickly repent and allow God to restore us, and walk back to seeking God and His Desire to know His heart!


Psalm 101 is a powerful expression of David’s desire to pursue God and live a life as a man chasing after God’s Heart.


I can almost see David sitting down, amidst all that’s going on as he’s been waiting 15 years to be anointed King.  The time finally arrives … first in the region of Judah … and then finally for all of Israel.

God continues to develop David’s character, and pour into David’s life, even in the times David himself fell short.  As he got up, he was so blown away by God’s Grace.  Even more so, he was willing to do whatever was necessary to be pursuing God’s Heart and Direction every day.