TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Proverbs 31:10-30;  1 Samuel 13, 16, 17, 18 various 

BOTTOM LINE:   David’s Heart was molded, shaped and formed thru his Mother.

QUESTION:  What is the Biblical Translation of our Life teaching our Children?


Have you ever taken a moment to pause and reflect … what characteristics and what things are still prevalent in your life today [that maybe you didn’t know it at the time] … that were downloaded into your life from your Mother … or a specific Other in your life?

  • Maybe a Teacher … or a love for a certain subject in school?
  • Maybe a Coach?
  • Maybe someone who specifically walked alongside you in your time of need?

I want to start by just sharing a pretty familiar passage for many … when it comes to a quick reference point for an incredible Mother & OtherProverbs 31:10-11, 23-30.  

Serving the office of Mother & Other isn’t always easy is it? For mothers, when a child reaches 18 years old, a mother has been on duty 157,680 hours … WOW! And maybe you say, well, they sleep, go to school, etc…

But just think, when they’re sick in the middle of the night, mom’s have a special touch. When the nurse calls at school, it’s often mom to the rescue.   So yes … 157,000+ hours.

What we see if we spend some time studying the relationship between David and his dad [Jesse] was that David was sort of the last of Jesse’s priorities.  It doesn’t appear that Jesse spent much time w/ David, and so someone had to raise him.  My guess … it was His Mother.

I think it was David’s Mother who overflowed into David’s life that resulted in David becoming a man after God’s Heart.

Along the way, David experienced some qualities that were a Game Changer:

  • David was a Poet … but he was also a Warrior
  • David was a Champion … but he was also an Outlaw
  • David was a Builder … but he was also an Administrator
  • David was very Kind to people … but he was also a Murderer
  • David spoke Truth … but he also Lied
  • David was a Shepherd … but he was also a King



Mother’s & Other’s are the Pinnacle … you are the foundation for things like:

  1. Versatility
  2. Solid Temperament
  3. Physical Conditioning
  4. Moral & Physical Courage
  5. Charm
  6. Patience & Restraint
  7. Writings
  8. Ambition
  9. Generosity of the Heart
  10. And … Attitude towards God

David was a man after God’s Heart,  and MOM was the foundation God built upon.  The KEY … was mom’s Foundation.

She’s not teaching David these things of God … and listening to God … and character of God … and Word of God … and Compassion of God … if she’s not personally walking w/ God.