TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Exodus 20:13

BOTTOM LINE: Murder is So Much MORE than Physically Taking a Life!

QUESTION:  Could We All Be Guilty of Murder?



Exodus 20:1313 “You shall not murder.”

Most of us, like last week’s initial reference point thinking that Commandment was for the Kids [to Honor our Mother & Father] we look at this one and we’re like … sweet!

I’ve never killed anyone … I’m not a murderer, in that we haven’t actually taken a gun or some other object and taken someone’s life.

But God here is addressing in a sense where the Dignity of life is found … and how that shapes our life.

ONE … What Did Jesus Say?

Jesus is teaching here in Matthew 5… and here at the Sermon on the Mount … Jesus is literally teaching to this group of people who honestly felt like they had successfully kept all 10 Commandments.

They felt like many of us at times at least on this one … as long as they didn’t physically kill someone, there’s no way this Commandment applies to them.  Jesus says, we’re all Murderer’s … we just didn’t know it!

Jesus really dives into 3 different ways The 6thCommandmentis still God’s Command … w/o a single drop of blood being shed …

  1. Un-Controlled Anger (vs. 21-22a)
  2. Abusive Speech (vs. 22b)
  3. Harboring Animosity (vs. 23-24)



TWO …  3 Critical Issues:

  1. Capital Punishment.
  2. Suicide.
  3. Is War Ever Justified?


THREE …  Abortion & The 6thCommandment:

Is Abortion Murder?  Does Abortion violate The 6thCommandment?



There are many ways we can allow God to use our life … and our voice … we don’t all have to do the same thing … or serve in the same place or space …

  1. Some will serve and give and support local ministries
  2. Other’s will support national ministries like Focus on the Family or others
  3. Some will support candidates who see the same value for Life that God paints here in His Word

… and tons of other ways.  IYou t doesn’t matter WHAT we do … What matters is that all of us DO something.


Can a MURERER be Saved?

I want to make sure and close here, answering a question that we all have to have in the back of our minds too.  So PK … can a Murder be Saved?  Is there HOPE and not just Salvation, but a chance to experience the Abundant Life Jesus talks about if we’re guilty of any of this at all?

Can the Stain be removed?  If we’re ALL Guilty here in 1 form or another … can our guilty hands ever really be completely washed clean?

And my answer is a resounding YES … think about some of the most prominent characters in the Bible:

  1. Moses – who killed the Egyptian foreman
  2. David –who had his good friend, Uriah the Hittite killed
  3. Paul –who stood by giving approval while Stephen was stoned to death

All 3 of these guys were Murderers by God’s definition and thru God’s Lens … and YET … all 3 Found FORGIVENESS!

And … SO CAN WE!

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