TEACHER:  Ken Hicks 

SCRIPTURES: Romans 6:1-23

BOTTOM LINE:   The World believes if they can be FREE of God, they’ll be FREE to do as they wish? But the Bible teaches us that everyone is a SLAVE to something.

QUESTION:  How do we navigate the Tension between our desire for FREEDOM to see as the world sees, vs. FREEDOM thru Christ, and having God as our Master?



After understanding all the different things we have the FREEDOM to do … why do we go to the 1 place we’re often told not to go?   And my guess  …

  • We want to be FREE to do things OUR WAY
  • WE want to be FREE to live by our OWN RULES.
  • WE want to be FREE to be the ones who make the FINAL DECISIONS of what is right, and what is wrong for us..

God literally is trying to keep us out of Harms Way many times, and we look BEYOND the FREEDOM and the Promises of God. We somehow feel trapped and imprisoned by all the Rules & Regulations and Restrictions that seem to come w/ God … and we just want to break out of Prison so to speak.

And yet … to get God’s BEST … we realize we have to let God have authority over our lives.



Why is Rejecting God … and His Authority in our Life … why does that Enslave Me?

Practical Reasons that maybe if we reject God … we’re still in Slavery

  1. No God & No Hope
  2. No Purpose or Value to Live
  3. Without God, We’re Held Captive to our Sin.