TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES: Mark 9:1-38;    Mark 10:42-45

BOTTOM LINE:  JOHN the Apostle of Love.

QUESTION: How’s our LOVE Meter?



JOHN,  like his brother, JAMES, was a Son of Thunder!   He was just as Passionate and just as Zealous as JAMES.   God penned 5 lettersof the NT thru John,  and most of what we know about John we get from his own letters.

John outlived all the other Apostles, so his role in the development of the Early Church after they were gone left him as the Dominate Leader of that time.

 James & John were a lot alike personality wise. John wanted to call down the Thunder just as badly as James. He wanted the seat to the right/left just as bad as James.  He wanted to be the GREATEST in many of the same ways others did too.

SO … how in the world did he earn the name … The Apostle of Love?

He was often a BOLD, ZEALOUS, INTOLERANT fella that had no room for anything that was not exactly the way it was supposed to be!

No one ever questioned his LOVE & DEVOTION for Jesus … and his PASSION for TRUTH … but it was as he learned the Balance that he became known as The Apostle of LOVE.

John’s lack of balance, and lack of tolerance at times … could almost push him to a sinful extreme.  It’s also why when God balanced him w/ LOVE, it became one of his greatest strengths too.


  1. John had a passion for TRUTH and learned to balance it with LOVE. 
  2. John was full of ZEAL and learned to balance it with HUMILITY.
  3. John wanted the GLORYand Learned that it was Balanced with SUFFERING.

Johnwas the ONLY one who actually lived to OLD AGE … but he also suffered in many other ways:

a. He was the only Apostle that we know of that was an actual eye-witness to Jesus’ crucifixion … and he realized at that point that theCuphe and Jameshad so eagerly volunteered to take.

b. When his brother was the 1stof the Apostles martyred, it was brutal for John.  Then the others … 1 at a time … until he was the only one left.

John ultimately became the Pastor of the church Paul planted in Ephesus, and was later exiled to the Island of Patmos  where he knew that the Prelude to Glorywas Suffering … Earthly Suffering!

Johnused the word TRUTH, which was his passion early in his ministry, He used the word TRUTH over 45 times in his writings … but when it was all said and done, as fiery a fella as John was early in his ministry … he used the word LOVE over 80 times.

LOVE was so critical in every aspect of John’s writings.  Not to the point of compromising the truth, and God knew that the Poster Child for LOVE would have to be someone who never compromised the truth.

How’s our Love meter working?  Are we known for Loving one another?  Our we known for having a good sense of balance … one that we can love and yet strive for truth?