TEACHER:  Ken Hicks


BOTTOM LINE:  JAMES the Passionate Leader.

QUESTION: Do we have Passion to make Jesus known all the way to our last breath?



Jesus Calls the 12

  1. Simon Peter (Andrew’s brother)
  2. Andrew (Simon Peter’s brother)
  3. James (John’s brother)
  4. John (James’ brother)
  5. James the Less
  6. Judas the Apostle w/ 3 names (Lebbaeus and Thaddaeus nicknames)
  7. Nathaniel/Bartholomeu
  8. Matthew
  9. Thomas
  10. Phillip
  11. Simon the Zealot
  12. Judas Iscariot

JAMES was another Apostle in the Inner-Circleof Jesus.  Simon & Andrew were brothers … and James & John were brothers [we’ll get to John next week], and together, these 4 guys make up the top tier of Leadership/Ministry/Relationship w/ Jesus.

Every been called a Bull in a China Shop?I remember times in my childhood when our folks would tell my brother and I, You boys could break a ball-bearing in a padded cell!

And if I’m not careful, especially when someone attacks my character, I can look a whole lot like the Tasmanian Devil on the cartoons.  Spinning all over, knocking things over, and the fall-out can be extremely harmful and dangerous.  Although I may have every RIGHT to feel that way, I do myself more harm than good.

JAMES was pretty much one of these kind of guys.  Of the 3 in the Inner Circle, JAMES is the 1 least familiar to us.  We don’t know a ton about his personal life, and JAMES never speaks by himself in Scripture.

JAMES & JOHN together are referred to as The Son’s of Zebedee.  If Jesus were looking for a leader based on Credentials and Resume, JAMES just might have been theChosen Leaderinstead of PETER to be honest.

JAMES was the oldest … between he and John … and their family was definitely the more Prominentfamily so to speak.  The fact they are referred to as The Son’s of ZebedeeZebedee must have been somebody … right?

So, when you add all this together, it’s no wonder that there were some arguments and tension at times as to who would be the Leader amongst the Apostles.  Might even have been justifiable in some instances … but at the end of the day, JAMES only got to be the LEADER and the 1st  in 1 category … HE was the 1stto be MARTYRED.




  1. JAMES was HARNASSED w/ his passion to Call Down Fire.
  2. JAMES was HUMBLED by his Passion for a Seat.
  3. JAMES TESTIFIED thru a Passion, ’til Death.

James is the perfect model of someone with Passion, Zeal, who is a dynamic, strong and ambitious leader. He’s the one who will go thru the front door first every time.  He’s the first one up the mountain … he’s the one who will taste something first.

When God was able to temper his Passion & Zeal with Sensitivity & GraceJAMES became a part of the movement of Christ that was so vital and living that HEROD knew he was the first one they had to stop!!

He learned to control his anger … to but a bridle of sorts on his tongue … maybe even re-direct that thirst for blood and zeal … and he lost his selfish ambition and COMPLETELY sold out for Christ

PERSONALLY … I’m challenged by JAMES’spassion … and I’m praying that God would …

–       … HARNASS my PASSION as He sees fit.

–       … that I would be HUMBLE and have no worries about what SEAT I am in.

–       … and that I would be PASSIONATE about Him all the way ‘til the last second I’m on earth.