TEACHER:  Ken Hicks

SCRIPTURES:  1 John 4:7-11

BOTTOM LINE: We Cannot OVER-FLOW what we Do Not Have & Have Not Experienced!

QUESTION:  What does it Look Like to LOVE from the OVER-FLOW?



We see this constant reference here in this Letter about LOVE & our Fellowship w/ God, and how that overflows into everything else in our lives as Followers of Jesus.

In order to truly love one another well, we must have this constant connection w/ God.  It’s a Communion with God, and intentional, engaging and honest relationship w/ God … and it’s FROM that … that we Love One Another Well


ONE:  We LOVE One Another: (vs. 7)

The word LOVE in this verse is a VERB in the subjunctive tense.  It actually means to love another in such a way that it becomes a habit.   LOVE here is an action, and John is pleading w/ us to LOVE OTHERS in such a way that it becomes a Habit … a normal practice in our lives.


TWO:  CONNECT w/ God: (vs. 7b-8)

Loving Others is only possible when we tap into God’s infinite source of LOVE.  LOVE is the glue that seals our relationship w/ God.  The word in the Greek that is used to reference those who are Born of God means to be in a close relationship like that of a father & son.


THREE:  Reflect on the DEPTH of God’s LOVE.  (vs. 9-10)

The literal choice of God to send His Only Son here … to earth … to become Flesh … to live a perfect life, suffer a brutal death [for me … and you … and anyone else who would choose Him] … and then to be raised to live again just as He promised …THAT … THAT is truly the only reason my life moves in the direction it moves today.

My hope is that every single thing I do each day will be filtered thru that Truth in my life, and my hope and desire is that for each of us … THAT is the filter …

  • That’s the lens we use when we’re preparing for college …
  • That’s the lens we use when we’re seeking employment …
  • That’s the lens we use when we’re in the dating season of life …
  • That’s the lens we use when we’re loving our Spouse and Children
  • That’s the lens we use when we’re preparing our Taxes each year
  • … you get the idea …




  1. Develop a Habit of LOVING One Another.
  2. Connect DAILY w/ God!
  3. REFLECT on God’s LOVE Regularly!


And we hope that when the time comes that people around us need a touch of LOVE …

  • Maybe it’s an encouraging Word
  • Maybe it’s an Act of Service … etc…

But when it happens … I pray that my Tank is so full that it’s completely evident by the impact of that LOVE that God is working in MY LIFE in a powerful way!

We often view it from the Lens of us wanting to see God work in THEIR Life.  However,  the real thing is Is God Working in MY Life and Is That Evident… and then we just trust God w/ the Results!